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  1. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Baby Emma is BACK!! Finally!! And she’s in a diaper!! :-))))))

    Isn’t this awesome Dr. Throgrimm and traumaemt and JP and syracollar???

    This is great we’re really on a role here Admin!! :-DDDDDDD

    • admin says:

      Ehmm of course she is in a diaper, she is Babygirl Emma, she always wears a diaper :D Yes, even in real life.

  2. AciDxBatH says:

    Oh hell yeah! Finally Emma is back! looking cute as ever. Looove seeing her in that big squishy diaper. Thanks Admin.

    I know a certain someone probably wishes Emma was strapped to the bed right now, and I can’t wait to see that too, but sometimes a nice tight straitjacket is just what the doctor ordered :)

  3. Steve says:

    Well a little bit of slumberland in this time, I had to take care of a few personalised
    items, so not much coming from this side, (again!) like a tennis game, with my lack of
    information, it’s time for you to serve, unfortunately KITT is sleeping right now, my
    batteries are flat, (could use Ni-Cads), (Nickel Cadmium battery) after a sigh, not
    enough information to relay, any info on KITT would be appreciated.


  4. Dr thorgrimm, MD says:

    … And the ecstatic crowd started cheering!
    Great update :D
    One happy doctor here for sure.
    Nice to see you again emma.Good to see you realised you needed more therapy ;)

  5. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh yes I agree AciDxBatH, it would be awesome to see her in another Segubed vid and have her really struggling this time! ;-DDDD
    And yes admin indeed she’s the asylum’s diaperpatient now, which also means maybe the asylum needs to be equipped with a proper adult changing table that of course can accommodate Segufix for when Emma is being feisty and struggling. ;-))))

  6. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh forgot to say I of course posted my congratulatory note over on Emma’s way cool babygirl site first thing this morning when I saw the update. :-)

  7. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Ohhhhhh yeah I needed therapy again. Doctor’s orders. “A few days in the Asylum will do you good” doctor said. I don’t know why he was smiling when he took me in.
    I was confused and struggling – they didn’t let me bring my favourite teddy bear! And because I was struggling so much I was put in a strait jacket. I tried to squiggle my way out of the strait jacket. “Defiance” they told me, and they said that the strait jacket was for my own good.
    I struggled until I was super tired and even then they didn’t let me out….

  8. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes it’s great to have you back at the asylum Emma!! :-D
    And it’s also great to see you accepting the fact you need much more treatment, as you were no doubt released way too early last summer and so the Dutch white-coats have been looking high and low around Amsterdam and Holland for you fr the last 9 months. ;-)))) But alas they found you and yr back here where you belong with us caring doctors me and Dr. Thorgrimm as well as Drs. AciDxBatH, Traumaemt, JP, and of course chief psychiatrist Dr. Admin. :-DDDD
    And he may have been smiling because he knew it would probably be a lot longer then “a few days”, and so knowing you were finally on your way here we made sure to stock up on some of yr favorite foods such as pasta bolognese and plenty of Brinta! ;-DDD Course you’ll probably have to be spoon fed much of it as yr often needing to be jacketed or fixed. ;-)
    Plus we’ll certainly have plenty of diapers on hand, as you’ll no doubt need to spend some very extended time in the Segubed. :-D

  9. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Ohhh my when you Doctors are stocking up on pasta, Brinta and diapers…. it’s going to be a long and subjugated stay!

  10. traumaemt says:

    OOOhhh yes! Emma, we Doctor’s here at the Asylum know how to take care of you! As Dr. medicalrestraintfan stated, we have plenty of diapers, straight jackets, segufix beds, and other “therapy” items, to make sure that you are kept nice and safe. We are glad to see you return to us for more treatment! We will make sure that your stay is nice and long, and very, very safe from yourself and others! :-)

  11. AciDxBatH says:

    It’s unfortunate (read: fortunate) that ever since I informed baby Emma that her delicious pasta and drink has been laced with a few muscle relaxers, and the occasional laxative. Just to help her take a nice “therapeutic nap”. She usually refuses to cooperate further, and has to be strapped from head to toe, with a custom set of segufix restraints, along with a nice long rubber bib, so we don’t get sauce stains on the pretty white straps; While I force feed the rest to her, only stopping to unfasten the tight wide belt, and rub her tummy when she complains about the cramps.

    She’s also quite un-cooperative during the much needed sponge baths, administered by myself, or a young female nurse from my team. Which I think all of the doctors would a agree are 100% necessary after shes been struggling in the tight sweaty straitjacket all day.

    I’m making a note in her file: Requires even more restraint.

  12. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    But…. but…. but….
    I know it’s for my own good and all…. but can’t you let me out for say, one hour? I promise I’ll be good!
    And promise I won’t struggle so much when you put my back into the straitjacket or the hospital bed…. Please…?

  13. AciDxBatH says:

    I’m sorry sweety, but you’ve officially lost your privileges to visit the open ward for the moment. Emma, Say goodbye to your friends for now, then I’ll have the orderlies take you over to the maximum security wing, so you can be processed in. (strip searched, full body examination, and receive your first of many hydro therapy sessions.)

    While inside maximum you will be bed restrained, and monitored, audio, and visually 24 hours a day. You will be spoon fed (force fed if necessary) high protein, high fiber meals laced with laxatives, and muscle relaxers 3 times a day, and supplemented with an I.V. drip at all times. You will also be medicated when necessary, in the form of hypodermic needles, mostly in your bare bum, or your arms.

    Rather than have the busy staff constantly unstrapping you, and escorting you to the toilet, we have decided that you will be kept in diapers at all times, and will receive 2 diaper changes daily. One when you wake up and one right before bed. This will be done with as much restraint as possible (overhanging spreader bar, with ankle suspension cuffs, to hold your legs up. etc.) Fast acting laxative suppositories will be administered before bed, which will make a locking rubber diaper cover a necessity.

    When you wake up, you will immediately be taken down to the hydrotherapy chamber, where they will remove your night diaper, then you’ll be restrained on a special declined table to receive enema therapy, until you expel clear. Next you will have a very nice, warm, sponge bath, with exfoliating, aromatherapy body scrubs. For this bath you will be spread out in waterproof restraints, and suspended across a special rack, with your body supported by a mesh hammock, so we can wash both side of you at once. Any body hair will be removed before the bath commences. On the rack while your skin is still damp, several nurses (male and female) will massage you with baby lotion from head to toe, and apply a thick cream treatment to your hair, finally putting a rubber cap, with a chin strap over you head. Only then will you be changed into the days diaper.

    At times it may be necessary to use electro-stim devices, and sensory deprivation on you.

    Emma, I only suggest such a harsh treatment, because clearly the time we granted you outside the asylum did not have the effect we had hoped it would, and now you want to leave again. This asylum does not have a revolving door on the front, young lady! I believe 1 month in this hell should make you infinitely more compliant, and I feel we can re-examine your assignment after that time. If no doctors object I will sign the papers immediately.

  14. Steve says:

    Sorry I left it for so long, a few family problems got sorted out, looking at the images I have on my computer, I got a pic of a little black KITT, a kids car in one of my folders, all plastic, now I forgot what website…..

  15. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    But…. but…. I *am* compliant!
    It’s just that… well…. sometimes I just don’t *know* how to behave well. But I always do my best!
    And I don’t like the idea of just two diapers a day…. I will soak them before you can say hydrotherapy :(
    Which one of the nurses can I bribe to change my diaper more often? And which one of the orderlies can I bribe to bring me sweets?
    I don’t have any money or possessions but I’m sure we can work something out. I am a very good girl you know.

  16. Dr Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Dont worry sweet Emma. tho i am convinced you need a long term stay in our most intensive treatment ward (and yes, that means being restrained to your bed at all times) Dr Thorgrimm will make sure your diaper gets changed when its necessary, ebven if thats more then 2 times a day.
    After all we are a very expensive private clinic and a few diapers more or less wont break the bank. .
    Be assured, i’ll check in on you regularly, and maybe even bring you a sweet or a pacifier if you are really nice to nice dr. thorgrimmm. (and it will be our little secret that i sometimes release you when you got to go number two, since the other staff dont seem to have noticed that paragraph in your treatment plan, but dr thorgrimm keeps track of it all sweetie ;) ) Im sure you can think of something to make it worth wile all the extra time and care i put into your treatment ^^

  17. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Oh Dr Thorgrimm, I am so glad you are around. I won’t tell anybody else, it’ll be our little secret, I promise. I will undergo all sorts of therapy needed, even the really weird ones. I want to be better, it’s just really hard for a girl like me.
    Maybe in a couple of days I can take a walk in the garden? I won’t run away. Well, I’ll try not to run away :)

  18. Steve says:

    what’s wrong, I’ve sent you a message, but a delay must be on the transportation line,
    you also have an intriguing name, Emma was also the name of my 10 pin bowling kiosks
    girl, a medium flat white (coffee) was always on call. I’m into bowling (league & with my
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