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  1. John says:

    Super hot!! Would love to see more diapers being used with restraints on the site

  2. Thorgrimm says:

    Yes, i agree. The diaper is a great addition, i have quite a list of models i would love to see in a similar predicament.. segufixed to a bed and wearing a diaper :)
    love the sturdy hospital bed too (lol, did sarah jain wreck the stretcher when she was segufixed to it? :P )

  3. Kasper says:

    It’s nice to see that you’ve finally started to use an actual hospital-bed, in stead of just having your models lie on a shaky and unstable foldable-bed. I hope this will become common in your Segufix videos, it definitely ads a lot more of authenticity. :)

    • admin says:

      Definitely! It is a real bed from an old hospital, super heavy. We will definitely feature it more! We are even offering sessions to people who want to experience Segufix for a few hours.

  4. Thorgrimm says:

    Hehe good to see al the budget cuts on healthcare have not hurt this asylum :) the girls deserve the best and most inescapable treatments possible!

  5. Adam says:

    Will we be seeing the use of more diapers as well? Very hot…

  6. Thorgrimm says:

    I do hope so… ill start saving for a lifetime membership, just in case :P

  7. Michael says:

    Are the segufix restraints comfortable to be in? I hope your models don’t mind being tied down for a long time. I love your head restraint, too. If you wanted to add kink, the girl being restrained could wear a Foley catheter hooked to a bedside bag. Being severely restrained is the perfect way to receive tickle torture!

  8. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    @Kasper; Yes I couldn’t have said it better myself Kasper!! :-D Finally a real permanent bed over the roll-away one! And a genuine European-style hospital bed (that I’ve seen used on other sites and by European domes) at that, my favorite kind!! Even over today’s modern American ones!! :-D :-D
    Man I would love it if I could figure out a way to get one of those shipped over here to the US! ;-)
    @Thorgrimm; And yes the diaper as well Thorgrimm couldn’t agree more I’ve been waiting for this as well, we definitely share a fetish here!! ;-D Say Thorgrimm do you ever chat with others online who share yr interests cause it seems like you’d be great to chat with?? Seems like we share the same interest in preference of bed straps! ;-) :-)
    @adminl; Yes I agree with Thorgrimm and Adam MORE DIAPERS!! And as much as I like the straitjacket stuff MORE BED RESTRAINTS!! :-) Maybe like a little more even divide between the jacket and bed strap scenarios perhaps? I’d been meaning to join again (had been a member a few years ago) and looks like this awesome vid after a few months waiting for the next bed strap/Segufix scene may finally be my cue! ;-)

  9. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh btw admin forgot to ask but you say yr offering Segufix sessions in that awesome bed??? *drool*
    Are they for guys as well as girls this time? Unfortunately I’m in America and have never been to the Netherlands but idk if yr offering sessions in that thing maybe….. ;-) :-) :-D

    • admin says:

      Yes, sessions for guys too. Not by me obviously (who’d want that), but you’ll be strapped in by a Domme :)

  10. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Kewl! Maybe I’ll have to think about looking at the KLM ticket prices then. hehe ;-P ;-)
    So I take it there’s probably a cost for those sessions? Unless of course are you perhaps gonna start admitting insane guys like me to yr asylum as well? ;-D
    @Michael; Oh and forgot to say I also agree with you as well Michael, a catheter is a great idea for those long Segufix sessions if the girl of is naked and or the bed isn’t protected by a diaper of course. And I also totally agree with the tickle torture aspect as well bed straps are perfect for that sorta thing!! All of the things I’ve mentioned and agreed with above click the boxes in my fetish list. You guys are right up my alley with your interests! If any of you is interested in chatting online lemme know if I should leave a yahoo or something. :-)

  11. Thorgrimm says:

    Hehe a cath could also be fun, to i generally prefer the diaper scenario. why exactly? that would take many lines to accurately describe :P
    Tickling is less my cup of tea, tho i would not mind to see that occasionally, since the girls can already be so gently cruel to eachother in some movies, theyd probably be quite artistic in tickling.
    Havent chatted much online in msging stuff since msn changed to skype and everyone basically quit using it. I have sometimes visited dutch online chat rooms about this subject matter.
    Heh maybe another branching opportunity for GA, a chat room.
    I would urge the admin to put a link to the info on the segufix sessions (options, costs etc), as im pretty sure many members as well as non-member visitors could be interested in finding out more.

  12. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes indeed Thorgrimm I like the diaper scenario as well and I think we really have some similarities here, and frankly I think caths sometimes look better on guys anyway lol! ;-) Another kinda similar thing that can be really hot with guys more then girls just cause of their anatomy hehe, ;-P is the scenario of a bed restrained (with medical straps like Segufix of course) guy having to pee in jug (held by another person of course) cause he’s restrained and can’t get to the toilet, if he isn’t wearing a diaper of course lol.
    As for the tickling thing yeah I mean I have several fetishes that kinda revolve around this whole area so I was also just agreeing with it. My favorite tickling spots are the tummy and private crotch areas and less so the unlike a lot of peeps less so the feet.
    And YES YES YES to the admin a chat would be awesome!! And also make it so you don’t have to be a paid subscriber to chat like with here so you could get potentially more peeps.
    And yeah Thorgrimm do you have a yahoo then as well that we could connect on? Or idk maybe you could direct me to one of those Dutch rooms you mention though I gotta warn everyone that yes I’m one of those dumb Americans who only knows English lol. *blushing* :-P ;-) But I’d love to talk to a Dutch person and I’ve talked to a couple a while back. :-)
    And yes as well Thorgrimm and admin I was wondering the same thing about details about the sessions like do they have a separate site for that or is it just done through here by email etc??

  13. Thorgrimm says:

    Hehe actually the chat room idea was kinda joking. AFAIK that would require a lot of server/connectionresources and attention from the admin, and would therefore be quite costly. Money better spent hiring all the lovely gierla and buying restraints, beds and lots of diapers :P

  14. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Mmmm well I was on a few other sites that had chats and I’m not sure it would be quite as bad as you say, like with cost and so on, but aside from that, like I suggest above would have any interest in chatting with me at all either on yahoo or some other like one of the Dutch sites you mention? Seems like we share a lot of the same interests. ;-)

  15. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Hi, it’s me: Emma :))

    And yay! So cool that you like me & my diaper in the pictures :))) I was really happy that I was wearing a diaper while I was in the Asylum… I could not move an inch and I was there for a long time. And I’m not good at holding my pee for long! ;))
    I chose a Tena diaper because they are so comfortable. I usually wear size S but now I chose a size M because they can hold more ;))

    Xx Emma

  16. riley byrd says:


  17. Thorgrimm says:

    Wow, nice of you to personally respond to the comments, Emma… and thanks for appearing on this site and in that particular setting. It is a great shoot/movie :) I was at the very least just as happy as you that you were wearing the diaper! Dont worry about holding it when you are tied. You can wear a diaper anytime and its made specially for girls who cant hold it, or have to be tied such a long time they cant go to the toilet ;)

  18. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    @Thorgrimm Why won’t you answer my question Thorgrimm? :( lol ;-) I’m truly being sincere when I say I have similar interests to you.

    @Emma And hi there Emma congrats on being the first girl in the asylum to be diapered and restrained on a proper hospital bed! Hope to see many more like it! ;-) :-D

    @admin Oh and one other suggestion I have for future bed straps videos and you’ve done some of this in the past I know but it’d be awesome to see lots of intense struggling in while restrained on the new bed. I’m guessing others here would probably agree hehe!! ;-P :-)
    Also I think it might be cool for the wrist straps to still have the strapped-down-to-the-mattress look instead of the side rails, just my personal taste anyway. ;-)

  19. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    @Thorgrimm thank you :))) did you know I wear diapers almost every day? If you don’t mind seeing me running around loose ;) you can have a look at my cute website:

    @medicalrestraintsfan thanks!! And yes, I hope to be hospitalised again soon because I really enjoyed it ;)))

    Xx Emma

  20. Thorgrimm says:

    Haha, je bent dus gewoon nederlands, haha en zelfs nog uit de buurt ook ;) Dat maakt t nòg leuker. Leuke site inderdaad! En ja, los mag ook gewoon hoor, zolang je maar je luier omhebt om ongelukjes te voorkomen ;)

  21. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    @Thorgrimm Hit me up at Thorgrimm. Or you too Emma, or Michael or Kasper or John or admin as well. :-)
    And nice little site you have Emma and a great pic from yr session. I’m sure probably right now it’s the most eye-catching pic you have up, something to really be proud of! ;-) I’ll try to post some comments to you over there as well ok. :-D

  22. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh and yes indeed Emma it’s clear you’re still a quite insane girl and need plenty of LONG-TERM treatment at the asylum. HEHEHE!! ;-)))
    While yr there yes I’m sure you’ll need to be strapped down and diapered for most of yr stay and strapped down properly as well as I’m sure you’ll be struggling pretty furiously to get out right?

  23. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    @Thorgrimm leuk dat je nu ook op mijn site zit :))) En ja, ik zorg ervoor dat ik vaak een luier draag tegen ongelukjes ;))

    @medicalrestraintsfan you bet I struggle! That’s why they need to restrain me like they do :))) And diaper me so they can keep me restrained for longer ;)))

  24. Adam says:

    Lovely video; I bought it today. The only thing I would do differently is try putting up a serious fight against the restraints. I would love to see Emma struggle with as much force as she possibly can, only to realize that she is no match for the restraints. I love to see a good, hard struggle. It will remind her that the restraints are completely fool-proof and inescapable. :)

  25. Thorgrimm says:

    I agree. struggling to the point of despair and until she gives up and surrenders. Perhaps a little flare up of struggle when she realises she has to use the diaper, and another surrender when she does.

  26. Adam says:

    Thorgrimm, we seem to have the same tastes :) Perhaps we should start our own web site with restraints/diapers.

  27. Thorgrimm says:

    Haha, would be nice, would love to tie up girls and diaper them, enjoy my photoraphy hobby and earn money at the same time! :P

  28. Thorgrimm says:

    Tho maybe i should apply for a job at the girl asylum, seems a shame to compete with this great site..

  29. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Then maybe I should become a long-stay patient ;-)

  30. Thorgrimm says:

    haha yes, you would be most welcome :) we could have a emma-in-the hospital livestream ;)

  31. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    @Adam and Throgrimm: You 2 guys took the words right out of my mouth with yr posts above about struggling!! :-P ;-)))
    Every word you say above I totally agree with great enthusiasm and excitement HEHE!! :-DDDDDD
    Yes please admin and Emma and any other girl who’s strapped to that bed do a scene like Adam and Throgrimm describes above!! :-)))))
    Only 2 things I’d wanna do differently from the first vid is make all the straps look like they’re strapped down to the bed instead of as in the arm straps those side rails, and also go without the head strap, (but of course keep the torso straps and mitts etc), so we can see the restrained patient struggling and lifting her head at the same time even verbally protesting and then each time she gets winded we get to see her head drop back onto the mattress in frustration and defeat Hehehehe!!! :-DDDDDDDDDD
    @Emma: Yes Emma like I said above you’re a rather unstable young lady and definitely need some very long term treatment and restraint-while-diapered at the the best insane asylum for naughty girls in Holland! ;-DDDDDDDDDD

  32. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh wow I posted right after you did Thorgrimm hehe. ;-)
    Btw I’m still interested in chatting with both you and Adam if you guys are interested, pleeeaaassse?

  33. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    LOLOLOL best compliment ever :))))

  34. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Omg!! what a coincidence 3 of us on at about the same time Emma!! Specially considering you’re 6 hours ahead of me lol! ;-)
    And boy when all is said and done there’s prob gonna end up being more comments in this one vid then all the other comments combined in the other vids don’t ya think? LOL! :-D

  35. Thorgrimm says:

    Haha seems the doctors are all in agreement! I like the segufix shoulder straps that fasten to the head side of the bed (like in tess lyndon’s segufix session) better then the headstrap. the patient can still get up a little, only to fall back on the bed, thats indeed eciting to watch! Also, one can see their face and expressions better without the headstrap.
    The mitts are ok, although i prefer the normal cuffs (nice to see hands wriggle) , and indeed attached to the strap that connects the torso strap to the bed, as it is officially done, instead of to the bed rail.

    and now for the official part :P

    In my professional opinion, Dr. medicalrestraintsfan made an accurate diagnosis.
    Patient Emma is unstable and very sensitive. all the stimuli of a normal environment, plus the freedom to move wherever and whenever she wants clearly confuse her, and cause distress. Therefore my opinion is that she needs long term treatment, with long periods of being strictly restrained on a bed in a quiet room.
    Unfortunately we do not have enough staff to constantly help patients with their toilet needs, so regretfully, she will have to be diapered the whole time. Other treatment details, as well as treatment duration to be determined after patient is commited, and based on treatment results.
    A bed will be prepared, so patient can be moved to the asylum as soon as transfer papers are arranged.

    Yours sincerely. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD.

  36. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Wow this is so awesome Dr Thorgrimm!! How much we share not only in interest but in the fine details!!
    Yes shoulder straps are better then the headstraps, and like in some of the older Segufix vids on the rollaway bed to see the girl struggle and lift her upper body just a bit and then fall back in devastating defeat, heavy breathing and all….!!! :-DDDDDDDDD
    And you even agree with what I was saying about the straps not being attached to the side rails but being all of them strapped directly down to the mattress! :-DDD
    And when I mentioned the mitts you’d of course like in the above vid have the ALWAYS have the regular wrist cuffs as well, and I even agree with what you say about being able to see the hands that’s really cool as well. I just thought maybe the mitts would add an additional layer of helplessness feeling to patient Emma as her naughty hands might need to be covered some of the time so she can’t try and mess with the locking knobs and straps etc lol (right Emma? ;-), but either way mitts or open hands sounds good. ;-) That’s what’s great about doing many vids over time you can have both scenarios cause obviously Emma is gonna be at different mental states on different days.

    Oh and you did an EXCELLENT diagnosis above of Emma Dr Thorgrimm, even more professional then I could do!
    Yes I’ll definetely add my signature to the commitment papers in agreement as well as the subsequent papers to have Emma firmly restrained to the bed, as we expect quite a few of those.
    And yes the staff can be pretty taxed at times and Emma is known to need frequent toilet visits so she’ll certainly have to be diapered at all times with quality disposable diapers, as we anticipate the periods of restraint to be very long stretching up to 12 and even 24 hours and possibly even longer. And of course the mattress itself might as well remain free of any linens and just remain the attractive and exciting green vinyl/rubber-like material as Emma has been known to leak even when diapered.
    And as European countries like Holland tend to have much more generous health care coverage then my homeland of the US then I’m sure there’ll be no problem keeping Emma in confinement as long as is necessary to get her better. :-)))))

    Pllleeessseee consider chatting Dr. Thorgrimm or Adam or Emma??? :-D or if you know a place you could direct me to as well.

  37. SP says:

    Speaking of clinical diagnoses….

    This has been a curious series of posts to observe.

  38. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Oh noes! Now my doctors AND my healthcare system are conspiracing against me! :)))
    So now any day I can wake up from being sedated to find myself fully restrained. The doctors tell me it’s all for my own good but I don’t think I believe them… .

  39. Thorgrimm says:

    Ah, Patient Emma is also delusional, thinking people that are actually trying to help her are conspiring against her. Classic symptom in such severe cases. Even worse, she does not even realise she is ill. That usually does not bode well for the prognosis. I am afraid we are looking at a very long term treatment. Recommend patient be admitted as soon as possible.

  40. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes very much agreed Doctor. We must make sure the fixierbett ;-) is all set and ready and waiting for the patient!
    Here come the white coats Emma! ;-DDD

  41. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Actually something I just thought of on the subject of the old folding bed not sure if you guys agree, but one thing that did really help in me still liking those vids was I did like that blue mattress, not sure of it’s fabric but it did kinda have a shiny nylon or waterproof cover-look to it don’t ya think? As long as it was bare with no linens of course as some of the later vids it had white linens on it hehe!!
    But I love the green or blue liquid-proof hospital bed mattresses as in the one on the new bed and with the possible exception some of the time of that blue-pad to catch Emma’s pee or poop if she leaks ;-) it should remain absolutely bare of any bed linens!! :-) :-D

  42. Thorgrimm says:

    Heheh, as someone who actually spent time in a hospital (no, not the mental one, haha) when i was bedridden for a week due to pneumothorax (Dont get one, you’ll hate it!) i can tell you, those (standard in dutch hospitals) green rubber coated matresses are damned uncomfortable, even *with* sheets. the moisture and sweat all stays in the sheets and you get kinda sticky and maddeningly itchy all the time.

    I think patient Emma deserves a bit of comfort, since she will be staying at our hospital for a long time. So i recommend clean sheets and some sort of moisture absorber, something between her and the matress that actually breathes, or even just a few extra layers of sheet to keep her poor back dry. A daily sheet replacement and washing her whole body would also be a good idea. Of course, this will happen while she either remains partially restrained, or under the supervision of several doctors and/or nurses so she won’t get a chance to escape or resist being put back in her restraints. (of course any form of resistance will mean the duration of her treatment will be increased)

  43. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Well I can agree Emma deserves some comfort, but I guess if we’re going back to just the video making and what some of us find wildly exciting is that sort of bare waterproof hospital mattress, then I do hope they stick with that bare and very attractive green mattress like in the first vid. After all isn’t part of the diaper-fetish and for some of us plastic or rubber sheets-fetish just that idea that they’re urine and soil-proof and that because we’re very naughty and can’t handle our bladders or can’t be allowed to use the toilet cause we’re restrained, then we have to suffer the discomfort and more importantly the indignity of sleeping on babyish or institutional like but still kinda soft-to-the-touch vinyl/plastic-like materials, instead of ultra soft grown-up bed sheets? HEHEHE!!
    Yes I’m sure it’s certainly true that over time if you really are on one of those the moisture and stickiness and humidity on yr body would be quite uncomfortable, but then again might that also be true at least for some in wearing diapers? Not to mention if you poop in them, that smell MY GOD!!! LOL!! Just from sitting on the toilet despite my most kinky and gross imagination when that smell actually hits depending on what you’ve eaten :-OOO lol….it can unfortunately have a real dampening effect in the moment for yr fetish. ;-P
    So maybe as Emma is known to be very feisty when restrained if she misbehaves she should for an hour (or two, or three, or…..;-))) be strapped down to a bare mattress as a punishment and since she’ll probably be at her feistiest and wanting to be free we can use that time to film our research videos. :-DDDD

  44. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh and also forgot to agree with you Doctor that Emma should indeed be bed or table-bathed and remain in restraints while doing so as since she can be a danger to herself allowing her to shower on her own might be risky. ;-)

  45. Thorgrimm says:

    Ah, i guess my imagination is limited by my side of the interest. I have very little to no interest in wearing diapers or being restrained myself.
    I love seeing girls restrained and/or diapered, restraining them, diapering/changing,clothing/unclothing, washing, feeding, caring for them. And of coursde make decisions for them, and enforcing strict rules. From that standpoint i tend to not want to create too much discomfort. (not any more then being restrained for many many hours would cause, because i do enjoy *long* term restraint:P And that makes some demands to how the patient is treated, since rashes or other problems can occur)
    In restraint situations i love to see the frustrated struggle, followed by surrender, periods of rest, more struggle, more surrender and finally acceptance, all of which the diaper can enhance. I am, by very far, more doctor then patient and more daddy then baby ;) Beside the strictness, i like to be nice and caring to girls…. It never actually occured to me that someone restrained might ‘enjoy’ the discomfort of the rubber matress. Have to keep that in mind ;)

  46. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh well I wasn’t necessarily saying that you yourself have to like wearing diapers I was just saying like if it were a real world thing that even though it might be a different kind of discomfort, that for example being made to wear diapers and restrained might very well be even worse then having to be on a rubber mattress LOL. ;-)
    And since this whole thing is really about the fetishes of restraints and diapers and padded rooms and heck what about just BEING in a mental hospital, and if we think about it it seems that in some cases like these fetishes might be about what would otherwise not be fun in real life or maybe about things that we either feared earlier in life like as a kid or for some might still fear in life today if it weren’t this kinda fun fantasy scene, (vs. an actual patient treatment situation), then we might as well go all out and include the rubber mattress as well since I’m sure you might know Thorgrimm that there is a very big rubber/plastic/vinyl-like following out there Hehe!! ;-)
    And although I admit I’m not sure what Emma’s opinion is, but since they used it in that first vid I assume she likes it as well. And of course like a lot of fetishes the rubber mattress isn’t just about how it physically feels but maybe also is psychological like I described above, that kinda humiliation factor that you can’t keep your bodily eliminations under control so you have to use a rubber mattress lol. And for a lot of ABDLs the idea of being made to sleep on a rubber(and I think some of today’s rubber-like material may not always be actual rubber but like vinyl or something), is probably as good as being made to wear diapers(disposables are of course my favorite, and with plastic-like outer shells thank goodness they’re still making those for DLs as so many kids diapers now have a slight cloth-like outer shell Booooo-hisss!! LOL, never sure what the appeal is to some of the cloth diapers and safety pins(??) It is also true though that many will still like to have soft linens over the rubber but still like knowing that they’re on the rubber mattress and still kinda being able to feel it through the sheets.
    Not sure exactly what those mattresses in Holland feel like but some of today’s rubber like the plastic pants made especially for ABDLs can be made to have kinda a soft and supple feel while still maintaining that plastic/rubber-like feeling, although some prefer the more smooth and shiny look. And it’s not just Netherlands or Europe we have similar fluid proof mattresses here in America and they’re not just in hospitals but also in many college and university dorms as well. ;-) And don’t forget at least over here moist crib mattresses have had a rubber like coating as well, and you can still get vinyl/rubber-like fitted sheets for a regular mattress if you wet the bed, another big fetish hehe. So as you can see a rubber mattress and diapers and in this case of course hospital restraints really go hand-in hand. :-D
    Although I actually have a few rubber-like mattresses myself, I guess for some of us even if we already have some of an item whenever there’s something new or slightly different or hard to acquire we still want more of that item LOL as I would love to not just feel and experience but also own 1 or even a couple of those Dutch/European mattresses(like one in green and one in blue) and even one of those specific European hospital beds as well in that exact style. And I’d much rather own one of those then today’s ultra fancy hospital beds that have all the electric motorized bells and whistles for being adjustable and such. Apparently some even have built in scales!!
    I mean if you think about it being diapered and restrained themselves I believe nowadays in asylums are really trying to be used as a truly last resort and that the focus really has moved toward patient comfort and dignity etc. So if patient Emma were in fact a real patient and we were real doctors we’d probaly be doing what we could to see that poor Emma wasn’t diapered or restrained and was allowed to bath and toilet by herself and had nice comfy clean sheets to sleep on right?
    But since this is fantasy then alas…..Hehehehehehe!!!! ;-PPPPPPDDDDDD
    Are you ready to be institutionalized Emma? ;-)))))

  47. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Sometimes, when I expect a leaky night, I use these mattress protectors:

    I did opt in for not having to go number two in my diaper (it’s in my healthcare plan) but sometimes when I drank a lot of when I sleep really deep I like to have some extra protection apart from my diaper.
    Those disposable mattress protectors are really soft and they have a crisp plastic smell which I like a lot :))

  48. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Ahh yes those are the blue pads I mentioned above. To be properly positioned directly beneath patient Emma’s bottom and perineal area. Have a few of those around here as well. And yes I really love the soft but still plastic-like feel and look of the outer side of them! ;-)

  49. Thorgrimm says:

    The dutch matresses feel much like latex i guess… somewhat smoother and have less friction then rubber usually has. They still feel incredibly hospital-ish and i am sure, being on them without a sheet would feel quite humiliating. Indeed, even with a sheet you still feel the rubber quite clearly. Heh i did not get any experience with restraints or diapers when i was in the hospital, so i could not compare :P . For some reason they dont use those on pneumothorax patients ;)

    I agree about the cloth diapers… they suck :P the disposables are far cooler. It will do when you have nothing else available, but the real thing is way better :) Im also with you on the hospital beds. The old fashioned ones that had to be adjusted with noisy cranks and locked in place with pins or sliding bolts gave a far more cold clinical feel then the gentle electromotors :)

    Yes Emma, the matress protectors are nice too! Although i am fairly sure a tena maxi with a few extra absorber pads (making them nice and thick) can take almost anything you could dish out, better safer then sorry ^^

    Now, those modern feeble liberal asylums that dont want to restrain or diaper their patients are of course far inferior to ours!
    Long term restraint is very therapeutic, and good , no, necessary for patients! Diapers are unfortunately a necessity that cannot be avoided. We cannot have patients peeing on themselves and everything.

    I read patient Emma has a deluxe health plan, so a caretaker will be available to help with her ‘number two’ needs, either by releasing her for those times or helping her in another way. This is actually my preference (as a healthcare professional of course ;) ) because messy diapers are quite unhealthy and are a pain to clean up after. Of course measures must be taken to make sure patient Emma will not abuse this privelige to escape the effects of her treatment by claiming she has to go, many times a day, but i expect we can come to an arrangement that will work. :) Good to know this kind of information. The more we are told, the better our treatment plan can adjust to the needs of the patient :)

    Trust me when i say, we take no pleasure at all from the strict treatment we are proposing to you, Emma, and all our patients, we only have your best interests at heart. Really, its for your own good! :) We would like nothing better then for you to be healthy and happily skipping about outside, diaperless and free. But alas, reality is that you need these treatments. You really need to be restrained for long periods of time. There is no other way to make you well again.
    Trust Dr Thorgrimm! :)

  50. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    I know, I know, it’s all for my own good…… *sigh*

  51. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Awww after all our comments I kinda had my fingers crossed for a second installment of Segufix/hospital bed this week, lol, ahh maybe next week then. :-P

  52. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Haha we’ll have to ask Admin :)))

  53. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    And yes Dr Throgrimm those Dutch ;-) hospital mattresses do feel rather hospital-ish don’t they. And that’s of course the way we want them to be for our good ol’ fashion non-liberal insane asylum, as we certainly don’t want them to be home-ish or hotel-ish right? ;-D After all this is a psych ward for very unstable girls like Emma and like you said we can’t have them peeing or getting who knows what other kinds of bodily fluids on nice cloth normal mattresses. :-DDD
    And yes indeed this asylum does not like cloth diapers it’s awesome to see yet another thing we very wholeheartedly agree on Doctor! :-) It’s always good to see the shelves of the supply room as well as the shelf in the patients room well stocked with the soft plastic-like outer shell types of disposables hehe.
    It might also should be looked into having a disposable that looks even more diaper and somewhat less pad-used-as-diaper. You know one that’s just a bit puffier and has just a tad more look of thorough diaper area coverage such as the elasticized wrap-around-the-legs look. Whaddya think? Maybe something like Bambinos perhaps?
    Yes in this classic asylum restraints and padded rooms are still a very integral and necessary part of the treatment for the girls, and with restraints of course comes the need for them to be diapered at almost all times when restrained.
    And yes as far as when Emma has to poop if it’s determined she’s being too feisty at the time and too much of a risk to be released or is saying she has to go every half hour we could do something like having her angles strapped to a rig hanging down from the ceiling so that her legs are spread and up out of the way and the rest of her body remains restrained. Then her diaper will be opened up and a bed pan will be placed underneath her bottom and groin area.
    Yes Emma this is definitely for your own good and it’s good that you see that, as a patients first step toward recovery is agreeing they are not well. ;-))))

  54. Thorgrimm says:

    Haha yes a stack of diapers on a shelf in the patient’s room is a good idea. Our staff cant walk over to the supply room for every changing. That the patient, when she is brought into the room to be restrained, will see it lying there, as a reminder she is going to be strapped in and using a diaper for a long time….. Well that is just an unfortunate side-effect :P

    The tena maxi diaper looks about as much like a diaper as they come, except for the non-plastic outer shell. They are a bit ‘baggy’ tho, but there are absorbent inserts that will not only enhance the absorbency but also make them much thicker, filling up the extra space. OF course those are standard in the asylum ;)
    And there is the comficare diaper, that looks substantially thicker and has a plastic outer. A very good alternative :)

    Yes, it is encouraging to see that patient Emma is apparently accepting that she is very ill and she needs our treatments. That changes an indefinite, probably permanent stay in the asylum to a very long treatment-road towards a possible recovery (but just possible, not guaranteed).
    Maybe she will come in to the hospital voluntarily so we won’t have to send an ambulance with some strong caretakers to pick her up and take her in by force.
    She might even lie down on the bed and let herself be restrained without resistance. Which we of course prefer, as we would so much regret to have to see the caretakers use force to push her down on the bed and restrain her while she protests and fights to get away :P
    I think the whole medical staff agrees with me that such struggle and protest just proves the patient does not really realise the need for treatment, or the fact that they are ill, and therefore more time in strict restraint is necessary.

  55. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Haha yes Dr. Thorgrimm it’s so great that we’ve been seeing eye-to-eye on so many things isn’t it? :-)
    And wait a sec those Tenas that she’s wearing actually don’t have a plastic-like outer shell?? :-OOOO lol
    Gosh I hadn’t even noticed well in that case we should certainly switch to the Comficare!! At this asylum diapers have to feel as diaper-ish as possible!! ;-)
    Or also have you taken a look at the Bambinos? With the designs on them it might aid in Emma’s treatment to be made to wear an especially babyish-looking diaper. :-P
    Yes we’ll have to see how Emma takes to her involuntary and very long-term commitment and what stuff she needs our “help” ;-) in doing. Yes I’m in agreement if she needs to be forced well then so be it.
    Are you gonna be a good girl Emma and do what you’re told? ;-DDDD

  56. AciDxBatH says:

    OMG!!! Fantastic! This is what I had always hoped this site would become. An adorable little girl, diapered and strapped down tight, with a head restraint even. I cannot contain my excitement. The only way this could be better, is if she was taking an enema, or given one then strapped down on camera. Please a thousand more sets like this. PLEASE!!!

    p.s. Love the new medical bed, much more authentic!

  57. AciDxBatH says:

    After reading over your notes doctors; I would just like to graciously volunteer my services to personally clean up after the patient, should her “healthcare plan” (specifically the rules on bowel movements) need revision, due to her lack of cooperation. This includes disposal of the soiled diaper, a thorough soapy sponge bath (restraints removed, and re-secured one at a time, of course) then a gentle head to toe massage with baby lotion. Followed by a clean diaper change, and all restraints reapplied as per manufacturers specs.

  58. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes AciDxBatH after looking at your application you sound like a great candidate for the job! It isn’t often that we get a staff member here who’s enthusiastic about cleaning up and taking care of a very soiled diaper. ;-P ;-)
    And awesome another person who shares many of my likes such as the new fixierbett. hehe ;-DDD
    Although one difference is that we were thinking it might be more exciting without the head strap so patient Emma can lift her head up as she’s struggling and then only to have it drop down hard on the mattress in frustrating and agonizing defeat including heavy breathing as she realizes there’s no way she’s gonna escape the strong bed straps of Segufix!! :-DDD
    So whaddya think Drs.Thorgrimm and Adam? Does AciDxBatH sound like a good candidate for the job? :-)

  59. AciDxBatH says:

    Personally, I love the head restraint. Not many facilities are well equipped enough to have one at there disposal, so I enjoy seeing it in action, especially on a little patient as cute as Emma. Plus it adds to her over-all restraint, and I believe the less movement she has to explore, the more meditative her bed rest time can be. I love to see the girls struggle as much as the next staffer, but I find the less slack in the straps the hotter it is. I love to see their bodies writhing and twisting, under tight tight! straps.

    The ideal scenario in my head would satisfy us both, as I would have no head restraint applied to start, then after sometime of watching her struggle as you described; A nurse would enter and see that she is fighting just too much. The delusional patient would no doubt plead for release and would have to be gagged, then the nurse would hold the patients head up for a second. Smiling sympathetically (hiding a sadistic grin) she would pull the pillow out from under the patients head, revealing the head restraint that was attached there the whole time. Pressing the patients head down she would properly apply it (I’ve seen way to many web sites do it wrong, and it infuriates me) nice and tight. Finally she would check all the other restraints, tightening them if need be, and give the now very helpless patient, a peck on the gag or cheek, or fondle her chest, something inappropriate for staff to do on the way out, leaving the now extremely restrained woman to fight uselessly, and sob into her gag (Crying can be very therapeutic.)

    I suppose we’ll just have to see if the asylum administrator approves further use of the head restraint. More than anything I would love to hear testimony from the patient herself, on the benefits or detriments of it’s use, if she is not currently in a session. How did it make you feel Emma? Was it Comfortable?

  60. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh yes indeed AciDxBatH, I certainly like plenty of tightness as well for all the other straps Hehehe!! On some scenarios I’ve seen from other sites when you look closely they look loose enough that it almost seems as if they could slip their hands or legs [tightly] through and out of them and escape and we certainly can’t have THAT now can we??!! lol! ;-PPP :-DDD
    And yes your idea about adding the head strap after SEVERAL mins. of naughty struggling makes some sense as well if trying to satisfy us both in one vid. And how about an additional twist, in addition to starting out without the head strap we start out with Emma’s (and any other patients being restrained of course) hands being in the open air (but of course with the wrist straps applied always need those!! lol), and then after both her lifting her upper body and head up in the course of struggling (and of course we always have the torso strap applied as well!), AND her naughty little fingers messing around with whatever they can touch i.e. the black Segufix locking buttons in an attempt to escape, she then gets the head strap applied AS WELL AS the big white restraint mittens to keep those naughty fingers confined and unable to help her struggles in any way. ;-DDD
    As for the gag hmmm that’s another thing I admit I’m not sure about, can’t remember has it been used in other GA vids? I’m guessing it’s rarely if ever been used (and if so prob. improperly) in real asylums. Idk maybe it’d look better if it was more like the tape-over-the-mouth look vs. IN the mouth as to keep her very quiet and yet not biting and drooling. But I guess we all have our fantasy preferences lol.
    Another little detail is when you mentioned the head strap being hidden under the pillow my idea all along was to have no pillow at all, as when having that head-up-and-then-falling-back-down-in-defeat movement that looks much hotter (as well as just being bed-restrained in general) to have the body totally flat vs. propped up with a pillow don’t ya think? Plus Emma might actually be able to feel the strap if it’s hidden right under a pillow. Instead the nurse could just pull it out from a cabinet or something and hold it up and taunt poor Emma along with the mitts. ;-)

    Say AciDxBatH (you need an easier name to write LOL!;-) as I’ve asked the others as well since we share some common interests in this area are you interested in live chatting like on yahoo or something?

    And yeah the others have been kinda quite the last few days not sure, and haven’t heard from the admin in like 2 weeks now(?) Hey what’s up with you guys anyway?? :-DDD

  61. Thorgrimm says:

    Hehe i am of course very busy. Being a doctor is hard work :P
    Nah unfortunately i do have a life outside the fantasy asylum. But walking outside on the street is fun too, you see all kinds of ladies and get to imagine them writhing and struggling in segufix pleading to be freed *gna gna* Saw this girl on the train today that would just look smashing in nothing but a diaper and a set of segufix straps *evil grin*

    I prefer no pillow and no headstrap, because i like to see the face, and the falling-back as well, although i do like the extreme restrictiveness of it.
    If the headstrap needs to be hidden for later use and without a pillow, just have it hanging down over the headboard, so the patient doesnt see it. When it is time to be applied, just flip it over and fasten :)

    As for the application, i was actually looking forward to sponge bathing Emma, so maybe we can take turns, i am sure we will all be very very thorough :P Anyone who is interested in helping the patient with pooping needs, is more then welcome, as that is not quite my favourite thing.

    I agree with the tightness of the restraints. they should be tightly attached to the bed and leave as little manoeuvring room as possible. Of course they should be tight enough to prevent even a hint of hope of escape.

  62. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes Doctor I certainly agree very much as well about the straps being very tight, or at least very snug as you don’t wanna affect circulation of course. And like you I also like no headstrap and of course as I was the one who brought up the falling-back-in-defeat concept hehe! ;-))) And of course I also noticed that even if the headstap was under a pillow you couldn’t really hide it anyway as the anchoring belt extends over the mattress sides.
    Also when I was thinking about you mentioning having something under Emma’s back way back up the thread to soak up the sweat I suppose that might work if it was directly under her so we couldn’t really see it but then again I think if just the room were kept cool and dry enough, and if that wasn’t enough you could have a fan blowing a soft breeze over her body to evaporate any sweat. But as even though we use old fashioned treatment methods at this asylum, ;-))) our physical plant should be quite up to modern standards in terms of climate control I’m sure hehe.
    So when you were “in hospital” as I know they say in some other countries like in Europe and places Dr., you mentioned your sweat on the Dutch hospital-ish mattresses. Was it just hotter then usual in there or something? Like yeah sometimes in medical facilities especially in winter I think they’re more concerned about making sure it’s warm enough inside I guess even if some of us are uncomfortable and dripping sweat like a melting ice cube lol. ;-P
    But yes we certainly want patient Emma to have the full rubber-hospitalish-mattress-while-diapered experience don’t we! :-DDDD

  63. Thorgrimm says:

    Yes, the hospital was quite warm. also, my room was facing south in a bright early may time so the sun heated things up a good bit. And ofc you cant individually adjust the airco of rooms, becs the door is open 90% of the time, nurses go in and out (oh dutch nurses…yummy) and there were 4 more patients in the same room.

    I agree, our rooms should be state of the art one patient per room, with good climate control. Emma deserves to be on the rubber mattress wile nice and clean&dray (at least from sweat…. for the rest she will have her well-padded diaper) :D

  64. Adam says:

    I really wish to see more videos like this one, with the diapers included.

  65. Thorgrimm says:

    Yup, would be a major selling point for me too :)

  66. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    I’m with you guys 100%!! :-D
    Very much hope to see lot’s and lot’s and lot’s more of the new hospital bed combined with being diapered and restrained in Segufix! ;-DDD

  67. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Oh I just read all your medical opinions!
    My oh my, I guess I am in for another treatment… I guess it’s for my own good :))
    You know what, the diaper I was wearing during my stay was a Tena Slip Maxi with plastic backing, size M, no pads.
    I also have them in size S. You can’t buy the plastic ones anymore, but luckily I have lots of them at home as I wear them often ;)))
    Size S is my diaper size, but when I was in the Asylum I wore size M because I needed the freedom of movement.
    I love Bambino Diapers! But you can’t buy them in Europe. I also have lots of babyish diapers, have you seen them on my website ?

    Xx Emma

  68. Thorgrimm says:

    Very good, young lady. Good to see you seem to realise the severity of your problems. Please report to the mental hospital as soon as possible so your long periods of diapered therapeutic restraint can commence the sooner your treatment starts, the better. :)

    Heh i cant find you any dutch site that sells bambino’s. LOL i am pretty sure you already know any shop i could find and then some :P But the cuddlz are cute too and the bkn premiums (and ofc girls’ DryNites!! :) )
    I sure have seen lots of your site (as you already know by my comments) Love it! You are so cute :)

  69. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    You can’t buy Bambinos in Europe?? In the continent that seems like it has far more abdl and medical scene domm choices like per capita than over here in America? Are you sure about that?? Like not even from ordering online where I’m sure I’d have to get them if I was buying them?

    And yes Doctor Thorgrimm we need to get Emma in confinement as soon as possible so she can be diapered and “fixed”(as they say like in Germany lol ;-). And yes since she seems to realize her need for treatment she may come in willingly but as we can’t be certain about unstable patients like Emma are you sure we shouldn’t send the white coats to bring her in the ambulance? ;-DDDD

  70. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh and forgot to say while she’s in the ambulance she’ll prob need to be tightly Posey jacketed of course while in transit to the asylum. ;-)))

  71. Thorgrimm says:

    Yeap, send the white coats anyway to be sure. Better be safe the sorry .
    She can be posey restrained in the ambulance, then taken into the hospital and transferred to a hospital bed, stripped, restrained and diapered, then left to come to terms with her situation for a few hours.
    A neat addition for long term patients could be a feeding tube with the pump set to feed a certain amount of fluids per hour so the patient is sure not to get dehydrated (and has to pee a lot mweheheh >:) )

  72. AciDxBatH says:

    Absolutely agree on the feeding tube Dr. Thorgrimm; After all, patient safety must always be the priority. Now are we talking the naso-gastric variety (possibly a little medically advanced for this asylum:) ) or some sort of pacifier gag harness integrated device? Also I recommend we lace the fluid with some sort of laxative-diuretic solution, as some of the medication may “back her up” so too speak. Your thoughts?

  73. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    I actually meant the naso-gastric variety (whether or not this asylum can do that is partly irrelevant as i was just daydreaming a bit)

    I actually thought up a computer controlled setup a few years ago with a number of tubes that could leave a patient strapped down totally independent of human interaction (tho of course there would be a need for some remote surveillance to check for emergencies) for a few days if necessary, although i guess it would be devlishly uncomfortable >:D Basically that was more a thought experiment then any practical idea, tho it was fun to think it up and figuring out how something like that could actually be built and work.

  74. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    I actually bought a special mouth piece because my GP recommended it. He said it will help me calm down during those long restrained hours. What do you think?

    Xx Emma

  75. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Oh yes, that would be great :) if you complain too much or get too feisty, in the pacifier goes!
    A version with a drinking tube might be handy too, so you can keep well-hydrated. A side effect would be that you pee a lot, but that’s what your diaper is for. We could even have your time in restraints determined by the number of diapers you use up, so you wont be released until that number is reached. A number you wont know, of course ;)

  76. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Oh no! I would have to endure all those diaper changes while being all Segufixed up! :)

  77. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Yup. Unfortunately that is unavoidable. Its hard to do for us … but we gladly sacrifice ourselves to help you get better ;)

  78. AciDxBatH says:

    Now that you seem available for a chat Emma, I’d like to know what you thought of the head restraint. How comfortable was it? Do you think the added immobility, and helplessness helped you to relax, and improved your treatment?

  79. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Oh the head restraint was very… therapeutic :)
    I wanted to get out of the bed but I couldn’t even plan an escape strategy because I couldn’t even look around me!

    It forced me to lay my head down which only instilled that “give it up” feeling whenever I struggled to get up.

  80. AciDxBatH says:

    Excellent. Glad to hear your feedback. I`m glad that you felt properly helpless, and any thoughts of escape were quelled. I will make a note that the restraint is effective, though I`m sure it would be more effective if properly applied (There are loops on either side of the crown strap, that the chin strap laces through, making it one unit!) and fit a bit more snug. Indeed the entire body system could be applied better (There is no need to fold the straps back on them selves. They continue around the cuff, and run out to the sides of the bed, where they are locked with the anchor strap! I`m sure there is a segufix manual somewhere around there!) I`ll make a note at the bottom, “the staff may need more training, when it comes to applying restraints.“

    Sorry for the rant, please continue Emma. I would like to know what you thought of the mittens, and how they effected your treatment. I can`t tell from the recording, were these the ones with individual finger channels inside?

  81. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    The mittens were very soft and comfortable. They felt both snug and frustrating, as there was no way for me to touch, grab or play with anything.

    This is the type used by the Asylum:

    I would actually love to have these at home, just in case I need to get through the night without fiddling anything:

  82. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Hmm nice to hear about your experiences, Emma :)

    lol, the mittens are so nice :P
    Love the description :
    Child-friendly print to increase patient compliance.
    i can imagine the talk in the hospital….
    “Yes, we are going to restrain you/make you unable to use your hands, all night. But look at all the happy bears and other animals, now isnt that nice?”:P

    and ‘Less restrictive alternative to using limb holders; allow freedom of limb movement.’ Well, thats just a shame.. cant we use them *in addition to* limb holders? :P

  83. AciDxBatH says:

    Well Emma. Personally I’m against self treatment. If you feel you need to be restrained or confined, I would prefer you commit yourself to the asylum, and let us handle it properly. But I suppose we could write you a prescription for some Posey pediatric mitts, if it will make you feel calm/safe.

    Thank you for describing your experiences Emma. I enjoy hearing every little detail. Perhaps in return for helping us we could reduce your therapy time, however your psychiatric health must always be the priority.

  84. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    Yeah my GP said something about increasing my compliance, I don’t know what, I wasn’t listening ;))
    But I don’t think I get my hands on those (or rather: in them) because they’re only sold in the States.

  85. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Oh well, your compliance would be helpful but not required. Of course, being uncooperative and resisting will only serve to prove that you are sick, and lead to a longer stay in our facility and also more time restrained/diapers to be used before we even consider letting you off the bed for a while. It is regrettable that we will have see you struggle and despair for such a long time, but necessary….

    I did an extensive search online and couldnt find a dutch distributor of posey that carries this type of mitt. the others yes, but the fun ones…no :(

  86. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Wow I’ve been missing out on the comments here the last few days I gotta get caught up!! lol ;-D

  87. Brett connors says:

    I wish there was one for guys in the US so we can go to it and be made to use and wear our diapers till we learn not to use the potty ever again

  88. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    That would be some treatment!! :)

  89. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Hey there Emma been a little while what’s been happenin? :-D

  90. Emma ABDLgirl says:

    I’ve been talking to you on , lol!

  91. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes and that’s awesome indeed!! But where’s the good doctor disappeared to? ;-)

  92. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    I think BabyEmma will just be tickled to pee (hehe, pun intended this time ;-) if her vid is the first and ONLY vid on the site to hit 100 comments! Right Emma? ;-DDD

  93. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    We all (including Emma herself right Emma?) wanna see more of Baby Emma in diapers of course right guys? Hehehe! ;-DDDDDD

  94. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh and forgot to say Segufixed to the awesome fixer-bed as well! ;-D

  95. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    So anyone here know where Dr. Thorgrimm has vanished to? Haven’t seen him for months either here or on Emma’s page(??)

  96. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    No, no idea where he went ^^

  97. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    THORGRIMM!! Where on earth you been? :-DDDDD

  98. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Same place i always am… somewhere below sea level ;)

  99. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Nah, just been very busy… unfortunately not busy strapping pretty girls to hospital beds and diapering them… but hey, life is not perfect ;)

    I check back here sometimes if there is an update that i wish to buy i sometimes read the comments.. so i thought id answer your question… :)

  100. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Well hey now Dr. you gotta maybe comment a little more often it was fun fantasizing with you about the fantasy Dutch asylum for naughty girls. And look at this Emma should be very proud her vid is the first and only vid on GA to not only break the comment record by miles but to have past the 100 mark! So whaddya think BabyEmma? ;-) :-DDDD

  101. Footedsleeper says:

    Hi, Emma!

    I’d enjoy being in this predicament myself, or putting you there.

  102. Johnson says:

    Please keep using the diapers in your videos, I will will definitely be joining.

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