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  1. Adam says:

    Where are her diapers?

  2. Thorgrimm says:

    Hehe Natalia looks wonderful in anything (and nothing :P ) But i think her diapers are waiting for her on a pile next to the bed she will be strapped to after a bit of ‘stretching her legs’ in this setup ;) :P
    This patient clearly is in dire need of long term restraint

  3. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes once again very much agreed my fellow Doctor colleagues! That hospital bed should be filled full time with unstable young Dutch girls who would benefit greatly treatment-wise from being thoroughly restrained and diapered! ;-)

  4. Thorgrimm says:

    Or english, german, czech, australian, russian, chinese, korean, american, latino… the doctor does not discriminate. All girls deserve the opportunity to spend long times in retraint…. or no, not deserve…. they are obligated to :)

    That being said, i ofc love it when a girl pleads for release in my native tongue… makes it even more pleasant to say…”no.” or more accurate “nee.” Wheheheh

  5. Thorgrimm says:

    I must say, i really love natalia’s pleading and whining about her restraints, love her posh british accent… like aspoilt little princess that is committed and doesn’t get her way for the first time…. and for a long time ^^

  6. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh of course you’re very right about that Doctor, the asylum accepts all manner of crazy and unstable cute girls who need treatment. I think I was just saying that cause I guess I just liked the sound of it hehehe. :-)
    The Netherlands, land of windmills and wooden shoes and bicycles and an excellent old fashioned insane asylum for naughty young ladies! ;-DDD

  7. Thorgrimm says:

    Haha, you know a big secret: more tourists have wooden shoes here then locals :P
    But yes, i love the idea of lots of restrained diapered dutch girls as well, muwhahahah :P

  8. Adam says:

    How lovely her crotch would look in snug fitting white disposable diapers. I recommend Dry 24/7 or Abena XPlus. I’m a big fan of Natalia and she is no stranger to diapers ;) What a bonus it would be to see her struggling in her restraints wearing that big white badge of shame to remind her of her helpless state. She would struggle desperately to try and free herself from both the restraints and the diapers but to no avail. The diapers would remain stuck on her until her caretaker decided to change her. I recommend keeping her in the same diapers for extended period as punishment ;) Let her diapers swell up nice and big until she can feel that lovely soggy wet padding against her skin.

  9. Thorgrimm says:

    it would be quite pleasant to hear her whine about the long duration of her restraint and the being forced to wear and possibly use diapers as well >:D

  10. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Haha yes Doctor I kinda expected that might be the case about today’s level of wooden shoe ownership. ;-P Although there is someone I know who lived there for many years, though that was like back in the 70’s so it maybe like whaddas she know lol, and I certainly realize that modern Dutch people don’t go around their day to day lives wearing wooden shoes like out in public and to work and school and such, (wayyyy to uncomfortable I’m sure!), but this person has told me that they’re still a staple in many households like for working in the yard or for farmers where it protects their feet if a big cow steps on them.
    Also just been in kinda a Dutchy (hehe) mood after seeing several great Dutch school lipdubs on youtube.
    And yeah that’s a good question you mentioned a while back Thorgrimm about when you were in the hospital, I wonder WHY they didn’t use any Segufix or diapers on you(???) ;-PPPP LOL HEHEHEHE!!!
    So do you think that hospital even had any Segufix straps tucked away somewhere? ;-)))

  11. Thorgrimm says:

    Well (lol what a crazy fun change of topic :P ) the wooden shoes were somewhat more prolific in the 70’s. But even then, most city dwellers didnt wear them, and if they did used the wooden sole with leather top-type (my mum made me wear a pair of those, hated them!)
    Farmers definately used them more often then(The all-wooden kind can still be bought in garden supply stores- a tip for tourists, as a pair is usually like 12-20 eur there, wheras they can be 70 in a tourist shop, LOL )But most farmers now wear heavy duty rubber boots with reinforced toes, theres quite some farms near my residence, and the only wooden shoes i see there are hanging on walls with flowers in them…
    For real grand-scale wooden shoe usage you would have to go back 2 generations or smth. My grandfather used to wear wooden shoes all the time (with newspapers and straw added in winter)even to school, he actually wore pairs of then out, untill they got holes in the bottom :P

    Haha yeah when i was in hospital i had this drain tube sticking out of my right side that was attached to a box hanging on my bed, so i think they didnt see the need for segufix ;) and they just supplied me a bottle, so no diaper was needed either ;)
    I know for a fact the hospital does stock restraints. When my granddad was there,he tugged the cables of the monitors loose in his sleep so they had some wrist restraints on him at night. simpeler version then segufix, but still. And there is a big psych ward attached(they even massively extended that, probably anticipating our government making more an more people go nuts :P )so i am pretty sure there is some segufix around. At the very least simple versions with just a waist band, to prevent confused or groogy people from falling from their beds or wandering around.

  12. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    That’s some interesting info Throgrimm about Dutch “klompen” ;-) as you sometimes call them or what we call clogs. I’ve actually seen a pic online of a wooden shoe store I’m assuming in Amsterdam that has a huge shoe out front that you can actually sit in! And then I saw a pic of some small wooden shoe-shaped boats as well. :-)
    And yeah it’s unfortunate how merchants everywhere wanna take advantage and rip off the poor foreign doesn’t-know-any-better tourist grrrrr!!
    I would imagine for truly all around wooden wearing you’d maybe have to go back even more then 2 gens. like maybe even 100+ years or something(?) just given how bulky and uncomfortable they probably were. So why did yr “mum”(just like they say in Britain ;-), we say “mom” over here hehe) make you wear those wooden bottom shoes as a kid? And how old are you again?
    I would imagine another probably largely only reason peeps might wear them out now is just to make a historical and funny fashion statement more than anything else. ;-D

    So what was it that had to be drained out of you in the hospital? And you say you were actually disabled for a time enough that you had to use a pee jug in bed instead of just going to the bathroom? What about number 2 then? ;-))
    And yeah there are certainly plenty of times where they probably have to use a more basic strap like not even with a lock for someones hands or even legs just to prevent like either totally involuntary dangerous spasm movements or like you said kinda most-likely-unintentional-on-the-patients-part instances of pulling out an IV or something like when asleep or all drugged up. Or yeah also if someone has trouble falling out of bed or even sleepwalking or wandering away in a daze, common with Alzheimer’s sufferers. At least in that case it’s for something even a cooperative patient probably has no control over and not to go against their will.
    So wow interesting you say there was a big Dutch expanded psych ward at the hospital where you were? Interesting. :-) I wonder what the deal is there, are Dutch peeps going bonkers more often ;-P or maybe it was a long overdue expansion due to a shortage of psych beds, something that too my understanding is becoming more of a problem here in the states and even more so for kids/teens. We’re certainly a long way from the American asylum heydays of the mid 20th century when they were just getting fuller and fuller and jackets and bed straps were probably as common as gibberish yelling and meds. ;-))) :-DDD
    Oh and aside from the mattress what kind of bed did you have was it a more modern electric featured one? And I wonder what kind of beds they have in that psych ward, but I’m guessing they definitely have a supply of Segufix for sure!! Or one of those idk are they Segufix knockoffs or just post-patent look-a-likes these brands I’ve seen called Salvafix and Biocare(?)

  13. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Yup, there is a tourist shop that used to have a big clog outside (it was glassfiber tho, not actual wood :P ) Actually…. thats the 70 euro a set-shop (but then those *are* painted with windmills and dutch flags for additional cornyness…… joy. :P ) North of amsterdam there also is an open air museum with windmills and cheese-makeries that also has a clog-makery /shop/ museum Which also has a big clog in front of it, as well as examples of many old and new clogs, ranging from practical (ice-clogs with nails sticking out) to bizzare (super high-heeled red clogs LOL )

    Correct. My granddad wore the clogs in his poor childhood. When he grew up, he got leather shoes. In his day, farmers wore the clogs allround, bcs they were the best compromise between cheapness, durability and protection. But city dwellers started switching to leather shoes, simply because they are so much more practical and comfortable on solid streets. Not being able to bend your toes when stepping is damn anoying :P

    Heh my mum had some farm nostalgia and there was this myth that clogs were good for your feet. I can vouch for that. Youll not want to stand or walk, thus saving your feet from wear and tear :P Hah, ofc i am a young doctor, only 26….really! lol (became 26 for the 15th time last year, you do the math :P )

    Air had to be drained from my lung cavity. I had a pneumothorax. Basically your lung leaks and air gets between lung and lung cavity, the lung acting like a one way valve, letting air in the lung cavity but not out, so the lung collapses and your chest gets blown up like a balloon. Like i said. Dont get one. youll hate it :P The onlyw ay to cure it is to incise between the ribs into the lung cavity and draining the air, hopefully letting the lung re expand and then keep draining the leeked air untill the lung heals and no longer leaks. then the tube can be removed and the hole closed. Sometimes the lung has to be ‘glued’ they basically blow talcum powder in the cavity so a painful inflammation reaction occurs, maing lung and the mebrane surrounding the cavity fuse together so no leak or collapse can occur anymore. Sometimes the lung doesnt re-expand and youre stuck with just one lung.

    I was lucky, it all got back into the right place without glue. I just had to spend a week with a tube out my side, first attached to a suction system, later a water lock. so bcs of the tube i couldnt get far from my bed. For number two they had a bedpan-chair next to my bed. So no real disablement, just practicality. Lol i think they could have given me the water lock to carry around but i guess they realised that going to the toilet emant i could also go outside for a smoke (which had given me the Pneumpthorax to begin with) and they probably decided to not let me smoke… and good on that cause it helped me quit. My bed was a semi modern electric one electric motors but not yet the ones they have now, with a touch screen tv/internet device on a swing arm attached.. i had to make due with a mere crt tv suspended above my bed :P

    The straps on my granddad were pretty basic, just some velcro.
    Yup it was a long overdue expansion, the psych ward was outdated and smallish, and many psych patients used to be referred to other hospitals. Now hospitals are semi-commercial they want to expand so they can gobble up more patients, and keep them for longer (gna gna eeemmmaaaaa??? ;) )

    Well, the psych wards have different beds. Some patients are there for simple observation and talk-therapy, those have regular beds you could find in a bedroom (yup, bleeding heart liberal hospitals wanting to make patients at ease… whats wrong with cold and sterile? :P )
    I guess the worse patients get real hospital beds, but i never visited those wards.
    I know of the normal beds bcs i knew a girl who was commited in the light-cases ward for a while.
    Hm, now i remember, i also visited her when she was in a more severe institute, with plexiglass covered windows, no doorknobs on the inside of the rooms and very sparse interiors, doors locked all the time, orderlies having to let even visitors in and out by opening doors… scary place… but still no straps in sight :'( And bcs every patient had this kind of bedroom they had fairly regular beds (tho she did tell me that sometimes people were ‘fixed’ to those beds… but she was somewhat confused, dunno if it was true)

    Btw, AFAIK salvavfix *is* segufix, just the spanish/italian? language version, but i may be wrong. I dont know of biocare. Its funy to see the difference in ads, demo photo’s and instruction video’s. The german ones have a normal shorthaired woman in a bodysuit who is strapped to a bed or chair or whatever, as is needed to model the system. In the spanish version its a voloptuous long haired woman, who when appropriate wears good-looking skirts and pantyhose. How nice of them to get the care professionals a bit enthusiastic about restrain…LOL

  14. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Lol Oh and another seemingly Dutch product I’ve noticed and kinda have a fixation on not sure why, ;-P but maybe it’s cause so many Dutch peeps are using them from adults down to cute Dutch teens and school kids, but it’s those tubular metal bicycle carrying racks that are now on on the front of so many Dutch bicycles, and come in many colors as well. :-) I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen one of those specific styles here in America let alone how rarely I even see a front rack or basket at all.

    Another notable bicycle thing is how many of the bikes there are kinda, oh not sure what you call them(cargo bikes?), but almost more a throwback to earlier cycles, maybe like from the mid 20th century and back, like the old 3 speeds which I had one as a kid, with a slightly different frame design and without those hairpin-curve twisted handlebars of the racing bikes and also not the design of the even more straight handlebars of the mountain bikes. Actually they look like they might be more comfortable for leisurely riding then the other types but also they seemed so out of style for decades, at least over here anyway, but maybe they’re making a comeback.
    Yet over there it seems like oodles of teens, that demographic that always wants to be the coolest and most up to date style-wise of course, ;-) ride them daily to school and other places very happily. Heck you look at a bicycle parking area or lock rack over here you might see several or even many bikes in a more progressive environmentally conscious area on a typical weekday, but over there you see like a sea of bikes! I think you even have some covered parking areas like parking garages just for bikes correct? ;-) :-DDD

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