Melissa in a tight leather straitjacket (plus video)

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10 Responses

  1. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    ” ” ” ” ” ”
    ” ” ” ” ” ”
    ” ” ” ” ” ” x 1000 lol

    Hehehe right guys? ;-DDDDD

  2. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Or if not diapered at the very least more Segufixed-to-the-new-hospital-bed scenes. :-D

  3. Adam says:

    I agree with medicalrestraintsfan, Melissa would look fabulous in diapers. More Segufix is also a plus!

  4. AciDxBatH says:

    Yep, totally agree with you guys, or at the veeerrryyy least, straitjacketed on the medical bed with her ankles strapped down (I’ve seen full body segufix combined with a straitjacket before, Not bad at all:) ) Straitjacket + fancy bedroom = WTF, it doesn’t make any sense, and doesn’t turn me on at all. Good looking girl though:)

    I also vote for more diapers!

  5. SP says:

    I always thought the updates occurred in 3 places in the facility.

    -patient quarters where you have the beds and/or padded walls.

    -the training and study center where you have the wood floors.

    -and the doctors quarters where extra, individual, after hours counseling can occur.

    Hence, the fancy bedroom. :)

  6. Dr. Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Hehe the fancy bedroom could belong to the institute’s director where he takes advantage of some of the patients (most of which are of course not really crazy, just selected for beauty and admitted with some excuse :P ) it would explain the struggling. The straitjacket with double crotch straps does allow ‘easy access’ >:D But, as much as i occasionally love some after hours, private patient ‘counseling'(nice euphemism whehehe) myself, i also do prefer the girls tightly restrained on a bed, preferably well diapered and desperately struggling before giving up and surrendering.
    A good doctor loves that which is best for his patients. And the girls, whether they are really insane or just held captive with their mental state as an excuse.. errrr, i mean suffering from yet undetermined behavioural problems that need to be assessed thoroughly, all need long-term restraint. That is my medical opinion! :)

  7. SP says:

    Good morning Dr Thorgrimm. Thank you for your prompt response.

    As you know, the institute strongly encourages it’s doctors to spend extra time in their own quarters with their patients. This has been shown to have a positive effect, particularly for the doctors.

    However, we occasionally must deal with small policy changes.

    As such, patients can no longer be transferred to doctors quarters while wearing diapers or undergoing any incontinence training.

    You are aware what occurred last time.

    We are still receiving complaints from housekeeping.

    I understand your preference in treatment technique and am in favor of it but we must maintain a balanced approach. The brass doesn’t want this facility to be a one trick pony.

    Thank you for your time.


  8. SP says:

    I really should have added some :) to the comment.

    Infinitely less funny without them.

    And….well….context is everything.

  9. Adam says:

    Diapers , please ;)

  10. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Hehe did you by any chance mean to put that comment in the new vid Adam and not this one? ;-)

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