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  1. AciDxBatH says:

    So nice to see sexy little Niccy finally locked up in the asylum. What an amazing body, beutiful eyes, very cute. Don’t worry sweetheart, we’ll take very good care of you!

    Personally I think the next step, once she has spent a night exhausting herself fighting the restraints, we should welcome her properly in the morning. First move her down to the shower/hydrotherapy area, strip her underwear off and treat her to a thorough soapy sponge bath. She should be kept in waterproof 4-point restraints as her behaviour is still clearly un-predictable. If she is highly combative, further restraint and a series of warm, soapy enemas could help teach her who’s in charge. On the other hand a well behaved Niccy should be rewarded with several strong orgasms. Once properly bathed, and possibly shaved, A nice long massage may be in order, as to help calm the patient, and at the very least provide a comfortable experience befor staff move her to an exam room for her preliminary examination and screening. Obviously a complete medical, gynological, and rectal exam will be required, along with a full battery of fluid, and tissue samples.

    Interested to hear what some of my esteemed colleagues think we should persue as treatment in Niccy’s case. Thank you.

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