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  1. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Due to the current pandemic, I think the staff at the Girl Asylum have decided, in order for everyone’s protection, that all patients shall be placed in their Segubeds, the beds being positioned 6 ft apart, and strapped securely down with the full compliment of restraints and hand mitts, and shall remain that way 24/7 as long as necessary until the threat has subsided and health authorities have determined things are safe again.
    This of course means that they will need to be properly diapered as well, and that will be the only time they will be in any way unstrapped is for needed changes as well as bed baths.
    If a girl should test positive but is not sick, her bed shall be wheeled (with her still fully restrained as stated above), into one of their many isolation rooms and then locked inside as an extra precaution. If there are more cases then expected and they run out of regular rooms then as a last resort they will utilize their padded rooms and the girls that aren’t already in the isolation rooms in their fixerbeds shall be tightly jacketed and legs strapped together, while of course being still diapered, and placed in the padded rooms and locked in. All the isolated girls will be kept that way except for needed diaper changes, bed baths and feeding and will remain so 24/7 along with the non-infected restrained girls until things are deemed safe again.
    These measures will ensure the safety of both the staff and girls by making sure they cannot move around and congregate or have any physical contact as since they are patients they of course can not be trusted to voluntarily follow these types of social isolation rules. ;-) :-D

  2. AciDxBatH says:

    Great idea Dr. MedResFan. During these chaotic times, the last thing need to worry about is enforcing social distancing policies in the common areas. Not to mention the more combative patients will probably see this as an opportunity to plot an escape. Strap them all down, and diaper them up, for their own safety and that of the staff. Less cooperative patients should be fit with some kind of spit protection muzzle or gag, and we should consider sedating the higher anxiety patients and possibly using sensory deprivation on them (blindfolds, or hoods.) those are the only additional suggestions I have.

  3. Dr.Thorgrimm, MD says:

    It is good to see that my esteemed colleagues take the care of the patients just as seriously as i do. Keep up the good work, Gentlemen! The girls need their restraints in these uncertain times. Even their diapers may confer a sense of security and safety once they get used to them.

  4. Martin says:

    This is great! Would LOVE to see the new girl Denise in something like this. She’s super hot!

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