Lisa Scott – first time in Segufix

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4 Responses

  1. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Is there any possibility of maybe greatly upping the struggling that goes on in the Segubed vids? It seems like in many of them the girls just lay there so passively only squirming around just a bit. Having them struggle a lot more trying to get free the way they do in some of the jacket vids would make them so much more intoxicating to watch. ;-D
    Also thanks regardless for yet another Segubed vid! Let’s keep up the rate of frequency shall we! :-D

    • admin says:

      Of course that’s possible, anything for members! The usual member idea is that the girl is committed to the asylum for a long time. Hence the lack of frantic struggling, it would be unrealistic for them to struggle for days. But if you want struggling (as a member of the site) we can certainly do that!

  2. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    And I can almost promise you that some of the other members like AciDxBatH and Dr Thorgrimm would probably love it too!
    And yes they would certainly run out of energy if they struggled for days, but another way to look at it is that they’ve just been strapped down for their long stay, ;-P or maybe they just struggle now and then after they get their energy back.
    Oh and another thing I had mentioned quite a while back on the subject and at least one person agreed with me is when they struggle they should give up momentarily a couple times(before starting again of course! hehe) and as they give up they’re giving one more mighty and long pull upwards and then they fall back down flat on their back in frustrated exhaustion. A big turn-on to be sure!:-D

  3. Dr. Thorgrimm, md. says:

    Dr Thorgrimm stamp of approval awarded!
    Several vids spread over time with the same model continuing the story could be cool too. One video where she is admitted and struggles, another where she is more docile. (or one where she tries to get out by using ‘i have to pee’ to be released, only to get diapered instead of unstrapped) maybe one where she thinks shes getting out and then gets hope again.. only to be frustrated and desperately struggling when she finds out her assessment came out negative (possibly because the doctors want to keep her even tho there is nothing wrong with her) ..or she is just being moved to the long stay wing instead of let go >:-) then she will struggle again.
    But i like the concept of them having been commmited longer and already having given up a lot as well.

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