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  1. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Had also wanted to thank Dr. Admin. for finally having more frequent Segubed updates here the last few months. :-D *thumbs* I swear sometimes the gaps would just be wayyyy too long! Let’s keep it this way now shall we?! ;-)

    Also on the subject of the bed had meant to say a while back that even if you don’t have an update with the Buy the way wanted to thank Dr. Admin for finally having had girl being flat on her back(my all time FAVORITE body position pretty much across my whole fetish spectrum hehe, nothing less will suffice!! LOL ;-D ;-P), it still helps to keep the awesome vinyl green mattressed bed in the light when you have a vid like the few you’ve made with something like a girl/girls struggling in jackets but still sitting on the bed.

  2. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh just to end any confusion in that last post of mine be sure to scratch the words “Buy the way wanted to thank Dr. Admin for finally having had” in that second paragraph and then just close the gap buy linking the rest of the words together and you have it the way I meant to post it.
    Usually I’m pretty good about double checking a post for mistakes/typos and such before hitting submit but obviously I was careless in this case. I like my posts to be fairly legible and not a bunch of gibberish or mixed up, greatly misspelled, recklessly rearranged(as I sometimes do with copy/paste like in this case) or repeated phrases etc. ;-)

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