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  1. Jason says:

    would love to see kayla in a diaper and posey or posey extra small and strapped to a bed with medical muzzule on

  2. AciDxBatH says:

    +1 for that

  3. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    +2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and on and on and on for that! LOL ;-P ;-D
    Actually as I’m sure you guys agree I’d just like to see more diapers on ANY of the models period. ;-)

  4. Dr thorgrimm, MD says:

    I +10 that! The makers of that jacket (i think its one from there) have a webshop that has some really cute eastern european models that would look fine in the asylum, btw. On the sales pictures they model a lot of the stuff with diapers, so it could be even more awesome

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