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  1. AciDxBatH says:

    So good to see the asylum staff giving the new patient Lucy a warm welcome. I commend their use of heavy restraints on this “highly spirited” girl, she is clearly a danger to herself, and our staff. The mittens, booties, and head restraint are definitely a nice touch, as the more control we can exhibit over the patient, the more we can break down her ego, allowing us to more effectively modify her behaviour. I assume that’s why the soothing pink color was chosen, well done!

    To further this end, I require the following procedure to commence at 6am tommorow morning:

    Ms. Lauren should be removed from her restraints by no less than 3 orderlies, who will then transfer her to restraints on a transport gurney, and wheel her to the hydrotherapy suite. Once inside the tiled room, her personal under garments will be removed, and disposed of as they are not needed by her anymore. She will be transferred carefully to the waterproof, padded shower table fitted with stirrups, and neoprene restraints. If the young lady is being overly combative/verbal, she may be sedated with an injection to her bum, and/or gagged at the staff’s discretion.

    In this position she shall receive several enemas, an initial rinse/prep with warm water, followed by a mixture of hot water (40*C), a high concentration of enema soap, 200ml baby oil, and 30ml glycerin. At least 3.5 litres of liquid must be administered, more if the nursing staff see fit, then she will be made to retain this for 15mins, an inflatable retention nozzle will be necessary for this. The patient should be given ample time to release her bowels, and massaged/groped exceedingly during the retention and release, then rinsed with warm water enema until clear.

    At this point the stirrups can be removed, and her legs stretched out into the locking padded ankle cuffs. A plastic shower cap with chin strap should be used to carefully cover her hair, as any and all body hair from the neck down will need to be trimmed and removed with depilatory foam, then a thorough sponge bath and shampoo from multiple staff will take place (further recommendation: a combination of male and female staff should take part.) The session should be completed by the same group applying a slow gentle massage of fragrant baby lotion to Lucy’s entire body, only removing restraints, physically holding her, and rolling her as necessary. During this phase, stress relieving orgasms may be administered by hand or vibrating wand, as a reward for good behaviour, or she could be edged as punishment, i’ll Leave that up to the very capable staff.
    This lengthy process will see her properly prepared for her initial processing examination, sampling and testing appointment at 8am. Thank you.

  2. AciDxBatH says:

    I keep meaning to make this note to the staff. Personal clothing items, and underwear are not appropriate attire for patients in the asylum. Many events have shown us that once the initial shock and reluctance of being restrained and confined involuntarily have worn off; many patients will find their panties quickly wet with arousel (or other bodily functions). Please use approved sanitary, and safe attire. Options presented below:

    1. Nude (a urinary catheter, or an absorbent sanitary pad can be provided to minimally deal with bodily functions.)

    2. Diapered (satisfies all requirements. May be combined with any garment option.)

    3. Form fitting spandex/nylon/plastic/latex/rubber/neoprene garments, without obstructing the face. Underwear styles, leotards, or stirruped unitards are just some examples. Preferably in clinical green, blue, pink, prisoner orange, white, or clear. Preferably with some form of I.D. or barcode printed on in some fashion (temporary barcode tattoos could be applied to bare skin.)

    4. Authentic patient gowns (dangerous objects could be concealed underneath. Very short/small gowns could rectify this situation)

    5. Scrubs/onesies/prisoner jumpsuits. Preferably with some form of I.D. printed somewhere, or hazard identification such as (DANGER, KEEP RESTRAINED, DELUSIONAL, PSYCHOSIS, etc.) Onesies with feet and mittens(enclosed hands) preferred.

    6. Not a garment, but a latex vacuum bed could provide some of our patients with some much needed tranquility, as well as provide another disciplinary option.

    I know I don’t speak for everyone on the board, so if anyone has objections, or additional ideas to my proposal I look forward to hearing them in the comments.

    Thank you.

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