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  1. AciDxBatH says:

    It has been awfully quiet around here for a while, kinda sad. Anyway I was just reviewing some archival footage of some of the asylum’s restraint methods, particularly these strait-pants. Watching little miss Coxy here struggle and fight against it got me thinking that the asylum could really use some new, interesting equipment in the form of a tight fitting sleep-sac style restraint. I would personally opt for a Heavy rubber version, but leather or canvas would be great as well, as long as maximum restraint is achieved. To this end I strongly recommend a design with internal sleeves to further restrain the patient’s arms. This is a very important measure towards safety, not to mention preventing any perverse sexual gratification the occupant will surely try to achieve once boredom sets in.

    I believe this sleep-sac could provide the patients with some much needed tranquility. Forcing some of the more violent girls to spend a lengthy amount of time completely immobilized inside the bag and secured to the bed will allow them to act out their anger and frustration in complete safety and security. We will need to pair the sac with some kind of head protection or restraint for optimal safety of course. As an aesthetic choice some kind of open face rubber hood, or the infamous “gwen-hood” could be used to increase humiliation, objectification, and destruction of ego.

    Lastly, in the case of a rubber sleep-sac I strongly recommend that the subject be completely naked and heavily oiled before she’s placed inside as this can greatly add to the calming effect, presumably due to similarities to the womb, but more research is needed into the psychology.

    Admin, doctors please consider my recommendation, and air any feedback or further suggestions you might have. Thank you.

  2. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Hey there AciDxBatH, great to see ya!! :-D And you’re right is has been pretty quiet in here for too long, and where has everyone been anyway? I’m of course talking about Dr thorgrimm, JP, and of course Baby Emma, among others. Emma still has her site up fortunately and is running it as a pay site now (unfortunately lol), but actually the prices aren’t too bad relatively speaking and at least it’s one like this one that you can join rather then having to buy everything a-la-carte. Me I admit I’ve just been lazy ;-P although I have been keeping fairly regular watch on things, checking the weekly update etc.

  3. Dr Thorgrimm, MD says:

    Nice to see you guys still around! the patients need you.
    Dr Thorgrimm still checks on the hospital now and then. Its just that the budget cuts on the medical budget make it less affordable for him to be present a lot ;-) Unfortunately i have zero patients of my own so no luck there either :-p

    Cool suggestions acid :)

    It would be cool to have vids that have stories, for example the girl is dragged in in her own clothes and then made to strip (or ‘helped’ if she doesnt comply), then put in restraints/straitjacket and diapered, maybe a small shirt or gown to cover the torso and then the struggling can begin >:-)

    hehe Emma has some nice stuff indeed. If i ever get a better budget i might book her for a strict babysitting session muwhahah. Would be cool to see her back in the asylum as well, she clearly needs more treatment!

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