Lizanne – an afternoon in the hospital bed (plus video)

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  1. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Question for the admin…
    Hey there Dr. Admin, :-) I’ve been meaning to ask this question for quite a long time, like maybe a few years lol, but I was wondering if there’s any way you might consider changing just a bit the % of these awesome segubed vids released to the % of the other genres so that we have more segubed vids more often, like maybe at the very least a new one every 3(or even 2!!) weeks perhaps?! ;-) :-D Instead of it sometimes going like 5, 6, or more weeks between them. After all some of the more regular commentors seem to love them like myself of course, and plus you’ve made wayyyy more of the jacket and other types of vids in the history of this site since of course the bed didn’t arrive on the scene till later.
    Plus I have to ask since both me and a couple others have kinda booed them is there really anyone who’s asked for or indicates they love the vet-wrap vids?? I mean is there anyone either as a member or even there who’s really a big fan of them? Of all the types of restraints that are used here I’ve always thought that not only were they the dullest(and cheapest) type of the restraints but also the least asylum-like, at least in a classical coolness sense. ;-) Plus of course doing away with them would make more room for more bed vids. ;-D
    So whadda ya think, might a suggestion from a long-time fan at least about increasing the frequency of the bed vids be a possibility? :-)

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