Helen Stephens – good night (plus video)

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  1. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oooo I like the little single bed in this vid (medresfan here is of course a single bed kinda fan, nothing bigger, bigger is borrrring!! LOL ;-)), although it might’ve been nicer if it was re-positioned so it wasn’t parallel with that white piece of furniture (or is that a radiator?) behind it, rather having it perpendicular so what we see most is the bed, and get a better feeling of it’s size, as if it were sticking out perpendicular from a wall.
    Also like the shiny duvet (or as we in the states often call it, comforter) and it’s soft slipperiness and sound it makes.
    And MOST of all I like the struggling hehe, gotta have more like that in the segubed vids Dr. Admin! ;-)
    Although one slight flaw in this one is while the closeups were also great, unfortunately the entire vid was closeups, gotta also have some broad shots as well like in the pics, so we can see the whole setting, need a mix of both types. ;-)
    And don’t get me wrong, I like the single bed in this vid just like I like that single folding bed with it’s shiny mattress, but of course the SEGUBED with it’s awesome green creaky pee-proof mattress is still the BEST overall of those three so I didn’t wanna confuse anyone there into thinking I suddenly liked one of those other two better haha!! ;-D

    Hope I gave a few helpful tips there Dr. Admin. :-)

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