Jenni C wakes up in black Segufix (plus video)

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3 Responses

  1. Syracollar says:

    No head restraints with the black segufix set :(

    Would have loved to have seen the cybertech minerva brace in this set. Would have looked amazing with the black straps and her lingerie.

  2. AciDxBatH says:

    Awesome scene guys! Jenni is one of my favourite patients to observe, and it looks like she has been strapped down nice tight this time. Of course, as usual I would recommend putting a small disposable diaper on her, and gagging her with some kind of rubber ball or bit gag, so her yelling doesn’t disturb the other patients.

    I would genuinely appreciate an answer from “Admin” on a couple of questions. Thanks.

    1. Why haven’t you guys at Girlasylum caved to popular demand, and given us the diaper scenes we so badly crave. Is it a fetish that GA is not really interested in investing in? Is it hard to convince the models to wear one, or is it something else entirely?

    2. Why don’t the models ever do nude/semi nude scenes despite going nude on many other sites, most of which I’m pretty sure you guys are affiliated with. (I.e. Metalbondage, Hucows, etc.)

    Thanks, and again great scene here.

  3. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Heyyyyy there everyone!!!

    Soooo sorry I haven’t said anything in a while! Just the last few months over the summer etc. I’ve been kinda in what I’ve been calling a sorta sleepy laziness slump, even when it comes to being online *zzzzzz*….I know I know shocking ain’t it LOL! ;-P ;-) But trust me I haven’t gone anywhere still here just lazy is all. Good to see the asylum is still chugging along, and hopefully little Dutch girl Baby Emma is making progress in her loooong term treatment. ;-D

    And YES INDEED Acidxbath I totally second those questions above you asked of the good Dr. Admin, so what about it Doctor(????) :-) :-D

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