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  1. JP says:

    She should be wearing diapers with the straitjacket. That would be hot

  2. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yep yr right JP that’s one thing we haven’t seen yet. ;-)

  3. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    You guys were actually down for a little while earlier today, don’t see that happen too often(?) :-O Always a relief for me when a site I like is back up again though, even if I’m pretty certain it’s just a brief glitch of some kind I always get jumpy when that happens. ;-)

  4. AciDxBatH says:

    Diapers would be awesome, but I would settle for anything but jeans, lol. WHY JEANS!? Spandex yoga pants at a maximum please.

  5. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Hopefully a new Segubed tomorrow right guys? ;-DDD

  6. JP says:

    Hope to see a diaper update soon

  7. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    You said it JP hope the white coats bring Baby Emma back to the asylum soon hehe!! ;-DDD

  8. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    I think they also need an awesome adult size changing table with attachments for Segufix restraints don’t ya think JP? ;-P :-DDD

  9. JP says:

    That would be hot although have diapers alone would be a huge step forward in itself :)

  10. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes that would be INCREDIBLY HOT!! although you’re right as well JP just having some more diaper wearing patients (hehe ;-P ;-) :-D) would be cool in itself.
    Hey are you interesting in chatting JP? :-DDD

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