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  1. Martin says:

    WOW!! More like this!! This looks like some real asylum bondage. I love that straitjacket!

  2. JP says:

    Very hot but why is she not in diapers? In a real asylum she would be diapered.

  3. AciDxBatH says:

    Very nice set. she’s hot! Definitely would be better with diapers.

  4. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yeahh a new Segubed vid!! :-DDD

    And yes JP and Acidxbath I’m totally with you guys on keeping the diaper momentum going! ;-))

    And yea Martin the jacket is cool as well nice to have a bit of a mix in strap configurations however for me at least for the bed scenes I think my hands down favorite is still the hands strapped down at the sides, as well as no headgear so the naughty Dutch girl(hehehe ;-) patient can struggle and lift her very upperbody(guess that would basically be like the head and neck and shoulders depending on exactly where the torso strap(another must) is placed, only to give up in frustrated exhaustion and fall back down on the vinyl/plastic-like mattress of the fixer-bed!! Hehehe!! ;-PPP ;-DDD

  5. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    And YES I totally agree guys, MORE! MORE! MORE! and still MORE!! green-mattress segubed vids with lots of desperate struggling!!! Right guys? Hehehehehehe!! ;-DDDDDDDD

  6. Michael says:

    Wow, what a honey you have in segufix. Segufix is my favorite bondage on this site. I fantasize about a woman being catheterized while being secured in segufix so she doesn’t wet her pants. That way she can relax and let it go.

  7. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes me too Michael Segufix is my very favorite as well!! And yeah I mean even though I do love the diaper theme the idea of catheterization certainly can be hot as well. I mean just a scenario whether it’s diapers or catheter or even just peeing her panties,;-))P))D just being forced to relieve oneself while strapped down in Segufix to the awesome green fluid-proof mattress for protection of course,;-) is big turn-on no question! :-DDD
    Say are you interested in chatting Micheal? :-)

  8. Dr thorgrimm, MD says:

    Nice variation on a great theme. I agree with most comments above. I mst say, i love diapered women strapped down a lot too. But i love to see them in panties and other things as well.
    So i renew my vote for more ‘story’ like movies. Perhaps longer or ‘multi-part’ stories, where for example a girl comes in clothed, is admitted, gets jacketed of cuffed. then its decided she should get more intensive treatment, is partially stripped, gets jacketed and tossed in the isolation room, later strapped to the segubed and after a bit, stripped of her panties and diapered(for example if she complains a lot to be released, using having to pee as an excuse).

    Catheter could be fun too occasionally, but it takes special training to do that safely, and someone with that training and willingness to participate would probably be hard to find. Plus i dunno how many models would be willing to undergo that, as i get the impression that the relatively low diaper count here and on other sites, in relation to the demand for this fantasy has something to do with model’s preferences too. And cath is yet another big step into kinkyness from there.

    Oh btw michael .. when using a catheter, there is no ‘relaxing and letting it go’ the cath goes all the way into the bladder, forcing all ‘valves’in the urinary tracts open, so the urine runs involuntary in e continuous trickle out the tube after insertion.

  9. AciDxBatH says:

    Sorry I know this is an old thread, wish I had seen this discussion earlier, lol. Just wanted to say how much I’d love to see some catheter scenes here, but I agree that there probably aren’t any models willing to do that on this site. I wonder, do you really need special training, because I know some people have to catheterize themselves everyday. You would definitely have to be careful, but I feel like it’s a fairly straight forward procedure.

    I have a pretty good idea of how a catheter works, but tell me Dr. Thorgrimm; would it be safe to clamp off the tube from the catheter to the collection bag, and let Nelly’s bladder fill up a bit, giving her the sensation of needing to pee, then finally releasing the clamp, and giving her relief. I’m not talking about an absurd amount of retention here, just the point where she feels the need to pee but can’t.

    Also I love your idea about longer series with a progressive situation. I would add to that some scenes with care takers(doctors, nurses, orderlies) These could be modeled for free by the staff of the asylum, but I get the feeling Admin or his colleagues don’t want to be on camera. But I find it hard to watch the videos, when the girls don’t even try to talk or yell for help (except Natalia Forrest, she does some fantastic dialogue) Anyway I kinda wish they were all gagged, lol.

  10. Dr Throgrimm, MD says:

    Yes, you do really need special training. Driving seems pretty straightforward too. yet it requires a lot of training ;)
    Dont be fooled by how simple and easy it looks.
    Ofc, it isnt a four year study, but people that have to self-catheterize or use caths on patients get instructed pretty well, and do it under supervision of trained staff the first few times. Pushing in too far can cause severe damage to the bladder, inflating the balloon while it is not in far enough can rupture the urinary tract and or bladder sphincter. And it all needs to be done meticulously sterile, or bladder infection (or testicular inflammation, if male) is a very big risk.
    Even the really heavy duty kinky sites have specially trained dommes to do the cath stuff.

    just check some official instructional video’s on youtube if youre interested, there are quite a few where a nurse shows how its done, and how methodical and procedural you have to work to avoid unpleasant mistakes, resulting in having to toss the cath away or endangering the recipient.

    you sometimes see it done less carefully on some sites , and ofc you usually wont immediately die or anything, but those that do not do it according to the instructions, of have it done to them in such a way, take risks.
    In males, bladder infections quite often trigger testicular inflammations and those can lead to infertility and having to have the testicle removed…. maybe a fantasy for some, but the reality is less pleasant. In any case, an inflamed testicle can swell far beyond the size of a tennis ball.. a friend of mine had a testicle swell to soccer ball size (no he didnt get it from cath use, his wife has a near chronic bladder infection and infects him often)… so you can imagine the discomfort. Experiment with catheters at your own risk ;)

    to your other question: yes, you could clamp the cath to keep the urine from flowing out. I have seen it done regularly on video’s (even instuctional ones i believe they leave it open when they insert the cath as the first trickle of urine tells you when you have entered the bladder, and after that they sometimes clamp it to prevent the urine from spilling everywhere. You just need to be careful tho, that the bladder doesnt over-fill, a such can lead to ruptured bladder and urine getting pushed back into the kidneys.. and you really really dont want the crap that *that* can cause)but as long as you ideed dont go for ‘rediculous retention’, and communicate with the ‘patient’ it should be ok.

    Ofc, it could be relatively simple to find a trained individual that would be prepared to apply cath’s models for sites like this (if i had the training id certainly be up for that, as working on a site like this would be a dream job for me, mwhaahahha, might even do it for free >:-) ) but i think most models wont be so enthousiastic, well, not without at least a substantial bonus i guess :P

    Hah not just natalia… you should watch the sarah jain ones if you want loud mouthed protests and violent struggling. She almost wrecked that old stretcher bed when she was segufixed to that! Lo and behold, that was coincidentally just about the same time the hospital bed came in use. would love to see her securely fixed to that (and ofc diapered, imagine how she would protest to that.. she did complain a few times about having to pee so that might be a great excuse :P

    in some ways i sometimes like the absence of ‘staff’ in the movies, (there are some, but then they simply have another model do the staff part.) as many sites have too much of that, and part of the fantasy is that the patient is desperate and alone struggling futilely to ger free and gving up. But i must say i wouldnt mind to have some longer or multiparts where there are staff members visible when working on the models, it would surely open up more options for different kinds of scenes.
    I can, however, imagine the admin(s) not wanting to be recognisable (or just being too busy), as they might have lives outside this site…. But hey it wont be hard to find some cheap actors (and script writers) that can play doctors/orderlies, or develop stories. I sure wouldnt mind to do either…
    LOL pretty sure my granny doesnt have a secret account with girl asylum so i am good to go :P ;)
    and there are always surgical masks, false beards, wigs etc…

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