Jenni C Segufixed to the massage table (plus video)

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11 Responses

  1. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Hey another new use for Segufix on GA!!
    Now this is actually a pretty cool new idea for a scene genre as well the good ol’ padded massage table! :-)
    Whaddya think guys? Certainly beats stuff like vetwrap right? ;-D I could certainly deal with one of these every other week or so along with the awesome fixer bed!
    Course hopefully next week we’ll be having another fixer-bed update. :-DDD

  2. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Actually come to think of it I think that this genre is either tied with as a favorite or a close second favorite(kinda hard to decide lol, prob depends on each individual vid ;-) after the hospital bed!! :-DDDD
    Then after that probably followed by(again can sometimes be either/or depending on each vid) the older role-away bed vids and then the straitjackets.
    The vetwrap being very last in line. hehe ;-P
    How bout you other peeps what’s you favorite order of scene types? ;-)

  3. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh of course don’t get me wrong with my third choice I’m not saying in the least that you should go back to the folding bed DEFINITELY make the hospital bed the standard now! I just wanted to tell everyone my favorites lol. ;-))))

  4. traumaemt says:

    Why do you insist on not using the chin strap that goes with the head restraint? To me, it just adds to the restraint of the girl. If she struggles to much, without the chin strap, she will slip out of the head restraint! So it just adds much more to it for me!

  5. traumaemt says:

    Yes! You used it on Sylvie on July 18, 2015 update.

  6. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    @admin: Ahh there he is again. :-)
    How come you don’t chat with us more admin? ;-)
    I think Emma did say maybe you weren’t the talkative type but I though at least if it was about medical restraints or suggestions about future vids….

    @traumaemt And yep looks like you were right traumaemt just looked back at it myself so they must have it laying around there somewhere in their stack of toys hehe. ;-D
    Although myself I’d still like to see some scenarios with the fixer-bed where there’s no headgear used and the arms are strapped at the sides instead of the top like they did back with some of the roleaway bed vids, and then see the patient struggle along with lifting the head up and then like collapse back down on the bed in exhausted defeat seeing she can’t escape the restraints. HEHEHE!!! :-DDDDD

  7. AciDxBatH says:

    I agree with Traumaemt. Jenni (my favorite patient) would look amazing strapped in fully with the chin strap! and a diaper!

  8. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    I certainly agree with the diaper part guys however I’d still like to see more of the theme I’ve talked about where the head is totally free(but of course you still have that cool wide upper body strap), and they struggle in the straps by lifting the upper-body only to give up in defeat to the impenetrable Segufix and fall back down on the bed in frustration and exhaustion, breathing heavily Hehehe!! ;-P ;-) :-D

  9. AciDxBatH says:

    This thread has been idle for awhile, and perhaps no one will read this, but since we were on the topic. I think my problem with not having the head restraint in place, is that it only makes sense for a truly reluctant patient to yell and scream to be released, and when given this task I find most girls really ham up the scene (I appreciate they try their best, and props go out to Natalia Forrest who is quite convincing, but usually it just takes me right out of it.)

    So maybe if they were gagged, with some type of bondage gag, or muzzle- (I especially like gags with a built in mouth-guard, as I feel this is the route real hospitals would take if they were ever allowed to legally gag someone) big penis gags, or inflatable gags. NOT SCARVES OR RAGS (Maybe some cummy panties :D ) -I could enjoy it, but I do seriously prefer the head restraint with chin strap, because “Mo bondage, Mo better.” and only a few sites showcase it.) One of the big draws of this site, was when they first put it to use.

  10. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    So Acidxbath don’t you also like that scenario I mentioned about not having any kinda head restraint and the girl struggling hard and lifting her head up and then ultimately giving up in defeat and her head falling back down on the bed exhausted as she breaths heavily after her vigorous struggles? Hehehe!! ;-)))
    Oh and you prob noticed but I did agree with you about the vet wrap BOOOO!! LOL! ;-DDD

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