Tight elbow vet wrap for Vina (plus video)

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3 Responses

  1. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Ok well I haven’t said it yet but I guess I’ll say now that vet wrap is one of my least favorite genres of the different kinda restraints here on GA. I sorta thought it might’ve been shortlived but for some reason it’s come back as lately we’ve been seeing a few new vids of it. It also is if ya think about it kinda like one of the farthest you can get from the asylum theme. I mean sure you can say vet wrap is medical but it’s more for regular hospitals then asylums although I suppose maybe it’s been known to be used as a restraint device in the field perhaps? Course then again not sure how often straitpants and armbinders have been used in asylums as well but they’re still at least more fun to look at and a little more towards like the straitjacket theme whereas vet wrap is heading in the more boring direction of something like just rope or ducktape lol.
    All that being said though I do have to admit Vina is kinda cute and in this case I guess in a less erotic and more traditional young maiden ;-) sorta way. I mean is it me or does her blonde hair and that cute pink dress just make her look kinda traditional classic Dutch? ;-) :-D

  2. Dr thorgrimm, MD says:

    Hehe i can say she looks nothing like a classic dutch girl and anyway those have died out in the mid 90’s.
    My guess is shes eastern european. But that doesnt make her even 0.0001% less cute, as shes very nice indeed. A great addition to the list of long-stay patients.

    Maybe the vet wrap is for emergencies? So many girls need long term restraint as major parts in their therapy now, that there is just not enough segubeds (especially after sara jain wrecked the reserve stretcher :P ) and straitjackets available and dire measures are needed :P
    Seeing her struggle like this almost makes you want to release her. Almost. But not quite :P It actually proves she needs a spot on the waiting list for long term segubed restraint. Again, its painful to have to do that to a girl, but unfortunately we must all make sacrifices for their mental health…

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