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37 Responses

  1. DiaperFan says:

    Only one word: DIAPERS!

  2. Adam says:

    I agree with the poster above… sadly, it seems that the admin doesn’t read the comment section.

  3. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    As usual I’m with both you guys!! ;-) :-D
    Hey DiaperFan have we seen you on here before like using a different name or are you new? Just can’t remember if I’ve seen you before. :-)

  4. Steve says:

    Jeeeez, with yo bondage is on the bed, well liked,
    have yo ever worn 4-point restraints to a bed?
    those pix would be preferred, soooo cute!

  5. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Hey there Steve, interested in chatting about genuine medical restraints etc., specifically bed restraints? Hehe ;-) :-D

  6. Steve says:

    I received a message, about medical restraints.
    I prefer hospital restraints, I’m tempted to like yo,
    you’ve wetted my appetite.
    This ‘Hehe’ means yo like hiding? tell me more…..
    a reply required.

  7. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Lol oh no I’m not hiding Steve that was just a normal kinda evil-with-glee kinda giggle. Like I mean when you have what’s still I think kinda a niche fetish in the wide world of porn and bondage and whatnot it’s always exciting to find other people who share yr unique interests, so I guess maybe it was like hey I’m not just any ol’ bondage fan who’s fine with rope or hand cuffs or the kinda straps you find in adult stores, as well as being fine with any ol’ common position like hogties or suspension or chairs etc., but that I have a more specialized bondage interest that’s limited more to real medical restraints (including jackets of course, but I think bed or exam table bondage is truly at the top for me hehe) and the supine or on-the-back face-up position and especially beds (and SINGLE/TWIN size beds at that!! not the more common bigger stuff lol, like this one is) or the right kinda flat padded table i.e. massage table. And I was hoping you were kinda the same.
    But anyway yeah if you have yahoo I’m at I’m not always at-the-keyboard of course sometimes y’ll see me signed out or idle but if I’m there….:-DDD

  8. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh just realized my placement of words in a sentence above might cause some confusion. lol ;-P
    When I was talking about the kind of bed size I liked I wrote this:
    “SINGLE/TWIN size beds at that!! not the more common bigger stuff lol, like this one is”
    I actually meant it to be this way:
    and SINGLE/TWIN size beds at that!! like this one is, and not the rather common bigger stuff like full/doubles, queens and kings, BORRRRING! Hehehe! ;-DDD
    Just wanted to make sure there was no confusion that I might be calling that TOTALLY AWESOME hospital bed above the “bigger stuff”. That one is single size, kinky and just PERFECT! :-DDDD

  9. Steve says:

    to the medicalrestraintsfan,

    a lot you’ve written, opening up a book of secrets,
    the more yo write, the more I like yr company
    Woe, the computer’s has a headache, so I’ll be fast!
    When I was looking for a certain pic. on the 24th,
    I found a lot of internet sites for MORE B???AGE PIX-
    & videos, I think I’ll send them to yo on the E-mail,
    well enough for a few cups of coffee, before I forget,
    it was on A Current Affair, one teenage girl had a party,
    her parents not at home. I saw the movie & thought, so what.
    It was Scream 2 or 3, if they made 2 movies, it was the last.
    A demon entered her brain, she imitated a person & went mental,
    really mental, an ambulance was called. Dancing up & down on
    the bed, she acted as if she was HIGH on drugs, the ambulance
    men used restraints on the stretcher, but she went mental & broke
    one, I mean a restraint, do yo know if those restraints are leather
    or a seatbelt material? hmm, & when I went on the internet trying
    my best to get the truth, everything was hidden, I tried again,
    but no luck. My next E-mail will have a few websites to keep yo happy!

    lol should be upper case, I mean in capital letters. (Hehe)

    Keep me posted…..(not postered!)

  10. Steve says:

    Did yo receive my message? I got writers cramp writing ’em out for yo, (Hehe)
    I’m seeing yo wrote ‘…I might be calling that TOTALLY AWESOME hospital bed above the “bigger stuff”… on the 23rd, yo wrote “bigger stuff”? did I miss something between the maincourse & the desert? I just wanted to say that on the net, I am watching ‘WITHOUT CONSENT’ with Jennie Garth, well I got that movie on Favourites! wearing a jacket,
    for a quick sec & to a bed in 4-points, I clicked on the Settings bottom right & put
    it up as much as it would go, It was my birthday on the 19th of October.
    There is so much more information areound the corner.

    C U later.

  11. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh which message did you mean Steve? If you mean the one just above, your message #6, then yes my response is right below it, message #7. ;-) If you mean like did you send me a message elsewhere? Like I don’t see any friend/contact on yahoo yet as you can see I left my yahoo right there. ;-) Idk can you receive private messages here on this forum?? And yes I got writers cramp waiting for your next response as well lol.
    And when I was referring to the bigger stuff I was only meaning any bed larger then a single(or as we call them here in the U.S., “twin”) size. As in, to me those bigger beds are a total bore yawn fest lol. Maybe nice at times for just sleeping or relaxing but for kinky stuff, nahhh. ;-P :-D
    And so I was simply saying that the hospital bed in this and the other few vids it appears in are just the right perfect size for things like medical restraints. After all in the real asylums the patients never had big beds did they? ;-DDD
    And YES I remember “Without Consent” very well!!! ;-) I saw it the very first time it was aired as a TV movie way back I believe in the early 90s, and at the time recorded it on VHS lol and still have that recording somewhere. Although back then I was unfortunately recording everything in the lower quality SLP speed to maximize tape space, but still, I should also grab it offline as well.
    And yes that’s a great scene when the troubled teen girl is fighting several elders as they strap her down to the bed in Humane restraints as punishment for running away from that strict locked ward for troubled teens she was sent to. And then a short time later there’s the scene when the head of the place is talking to her(you gotta wonder if he’s getting a rise out of standing over this cute teen strapped down to the bed hehe) and she yells “let me out” as her body rises a little from the bed in her moment of big struggle against the restraints. And then when the nurse says Dr. this patient has had ? number of doses of ? medication(can’t remember the number and name) in the last something like 36 hours?!! And you wonder has she been strapped to the bed that long?!!? Since she doesn’t seem to be wearing diapers(even though she should be right Adam?? ;-) she must’ve had to very embarrassingly do her business in a bed pan in front of someone positioning it for her right? Hehehehehe!!
    But yes Steve as I said I’m at schoolbed1@yahoo so is it possible for you to message and send a friend request so we can talk live? :-DDDDD

  12. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh and frgot to say Happy Birthday Steve so how old are you now? :-)

  13. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh also just wanted to in exact response to your question Steve about the “bigger stuff”, then no I was not referring to the hospital bed as the bigger stuff. I had just decided to make message #8 just cause I was concerned that peeps reading my message #7 might mistakenly think because of my placement of words that I was implying that the hospital bed counted as bigger stuff when in fact it did not, the bigger stuff only like I said refers to beds that are larger then single size, which as I said in the world of fetish and kinkiness etc. that I don’t care for the larger bed sizes. ;-)

  14. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh also I just realized I didn’t really answer yr first question above Steve, #4, as I didn’t quite process it as being directed to me. lol ;-P
    But YES my bondage is usually on the (single size)bed definitely, OR to some kinda like FLAT, as in NOT-with-the-back-raised-so-it’s-more chair-like(*yawn!!*), medical exam table or and Adam likes this I know, diaper changing table! Hehehe!! :-DDD
    And sadly no I have yet to genuinely experience awesome bondage like 4 points or even more to a bed or straitjacket that kinda thing, but I hope to change that sometime real soon!! ;-DDDD

  15. Steve says:

    Jeez, so much information for you, how old am I? let’s just say 21 again (Hehe)
    You mentioned the word ‘YAWN’, do yo know why we yawn? IT has got nothing to do
    with tiredness at all!!!! if you didn’t breathe for a few seconds, we would be taking
    a longer & deeper breath to compensate, that’s why we yawn, I’m so sick & tired of a
    person talking & then he/she yawns, & then another person says, ah you’re tired!!
    Now I can’t contact you thru ‘schoolbed1@yahoo’ cause we live on a big property, & most
    of my time is used for cleaning it up & getting it ready for sale, you’ll just have to
    wait a little longer for a reply.
    Okay, time for a quick joke, hold up your hand & wriggle your little finger, quickly!!
    & say ‘ What’s this?’ a few lost in space answers you’ll get, & SAY ‘A MICRO-WAVE!!”
    Think about it! (Hehe), I’d tell you more but when your memory goes, forget it!
    Before I forget, a standard pair of hospital restraints, what material are they?
    can this material stretch? that’s got you thinking, your mind in overdrive, I mean 5th
    gear. On a slight change, did you ever watch the show ‘Knight Rider’ a show on in the 80’s,
    I got all the DVD’s! & the show Knight Rider 2008, ho hum, with the new KITT, SO BORING!
    NO TURBO BOOSTS IN IT! do you know what KITT stands for, (initialised) I mean K.I.T.T.
    I can tell you so much about KITT, it’s not funny, you know my round for beer!.
    Jee, before I forget, a few years ago I saw a shirt worn around Christmas, it was Santa
    & one of the elves, Santa said, No Rudolph! I said ‘The Schmitthouse’, still trying to work
    it out, I look forward to a long letter in detail from you,

    C U later.

  16. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Steve there you are!!! I literally just posted a brief message in the new vid exactly one minute before you posted this message!! Come over to my yahoo right now! ;-) :-D

  17. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    There’s so much to say between the 2 of us and I keep having to wait 2-3 days for your next response. ;-)

  18. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh ok so if you can’t contact me on yahoo is there any other live platform we can connect on?
    And when I said *Yawn* I was of course meaning “boring” as in like larger beds are so boring I’m literally falling asleep (lol I suppose in this case falling asleep on a bigger bed ;-P but actually no pun intended there lol) you know what I mean lol.
    And YES I did watch Knight Rider when I was young back in the 80’s when it was on!! And still catch a re-run of it every no and then today on TV.
    TOTALLY AWESOME show that was!! LOVED KITT!!
    Here’s David Hasselhoff’s latest TV venture:

  19. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh Steve I’ve also been meaning to ask what country are you in?
    In case you haven’t already guessed the good ol’ USA on my end. ;-)
    And yes I’m afraid I’m one of those dumb Americans who only knows English. ;-P
    Oh and I kinda assumed you knew what hospital restraints were made of.
    Lemme see I guess Segufix is like some kinda tough woven material it looks like, but traditionally those tan colored hospital restraints, the Humane and Posey ones, that you see in a lot of movies/tv shows etc. have always been made of leather. Although they do also make some now out of some kind of tougher more rubber/plastic-like or something (actually truthfully I’m not sure what it is will have to look it up) material.

  20. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Man I keep forgetting to say stuff in my posts lol.
    But I just wanted to say Steve even if you’re only communicating in here maybe at least try to check and post daily instead of every 2-3 days.

    Oh and to everyone here Happy Halloween! :-D

  21. Steve says:

    Okay, hmm I watched the Hoff’s latest adventure, when I saw it. he gives a plastic shark
    CPR? lost in space, well it provides me with info that the Hoff is mobile, I liked it,
    when the Hoff was in Germany or Europe, he was singing to a gigantic audience, dunno how
    that went, then he wore a shirt, ‘DON’T HASSLE THE HOFF!’ I thought very fitting.
    About 2 years ago, we had an Audi, 5+5, it was about 2.15 litre, & 5 cylinders, yes 5
    cylinders, an exxxtremely well balanced engine, very quick on take off, I really enjoyed
    driving that car, pity it got sold to a guy in Queensland. We also have 2 Mercedes, looking
    for a third, if you want the latest information on Mercedes, I am the only one to ask.
    You say to keep up the communications, well I find it hard to do so every night, cause I
    got so many websites I must visit, but if it keeps you happy…. I might tell you what BMW
    stands for, not Bavarian Motor Works, but what I’ll say to you will have you laughing!!
    On my computer, I got a thing you should look at,
    At 5.06, KITT says, Blah blah blah blah David F*ck off!! (OOPS) and also a big surprise
    at the end as too what is said, but not KITT’s voice, William Daniels is the best, he also
    played as a Dr? in the show, St. Elsewhere. Plenty info next time, maybe a joke or 2?
    Stay Posted.

  22. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Hey Steve nice to finally see another comment from you! ;-D
    And it’s way awesome you’re in Aussie and in NSW at that! But is that where you’re from originally or are you like from Germany or something?
    Ahh yes St. Elsewhere, a show from the same era as Knight Rider. Although I only saw like a few episodes of that show as well as many bits and pieces, that show is certainly notable to me cause it was set, and even filmed mostly I believe, right in my adjacent-to-hometown major city of Boston!
    ;-) :-D Even the state’s governor at the time Michael Dukakis, who was also the Democratic presidential candidate back in ’88, had an appearance in one of the episodes.
    Oh and btw this is what I get when I click that youtube link:
    “This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”. Fuckers lol. *rolling eyes*
    And yes I’ve also gotten your 3 emails this past week and I’ll send a response along from them as well.
    Even though classic television can be cool, and I’d love to see some classic tv from down under as well, and certainly have watched several movies in the past simply because they took place in Aussie, ;-D we also gotta be talking more about bed restraints though right? :-) :-D

  23. Steve says:

    Firstly, I was born in Bankstown hospital, I visited Germany when I was 6 years old for
    my first holiday, & my mother was born in Wetzlar & Dad in Prussia, I think East, yes,
    now getting to your webpage, it’s highly illogical you getting this message,
    well, you say, we also gotta be talking more about bed restraints though right?’,
    Maybe you could write a few TV shows or movies with the magic B! word? (7 letters!)
    I am seeing 22.medicalrestraintsfan Says November 21st, 2015 at 10.37pm,
    I’ll get there, as to me visiting a few webpages at the same time, if you’re sending ’em,
    I’ll look for them & supply a suitable answers. Every Tuesday night I go bowling in league,
    the 10 pin, if you want to talk about that, ask questions, just the start of topics, but
    more bed restraints, probably in movies?

  24. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    So what’s the magic B word again Steve? at first I was thinking bed restraints of course but that’s 2 words and far mare then 7 letters lol. Did you mean “bedroom”?
    Oh and interesting you mention bowling I assume since you actually say the 10-pin you’ve also heard of candle-pin? Do you have any of those down there? Can’t remember where they were invented but certainly known for being popular here in New England, or at least the Boston area. Thee even used to be a long time ago a weekly locally produced tv show showing competitive candle-pin bowling. Even though candle-pin was certainly easier for me as a kid as the balls of course are much lighter weight, when I later gave 10-pin a serious try I found I liked it better. I guess maybe it was just more challenging or something as well as the balls being bigger and heavier sure it takes more force to get them going but then their size and weight also means they hit the pins with more force and more pins are hit each time as well. Candle-pin balls just felt too wimpy lol. And one other notable thing, the candle-pins don’t have that very distinctive pin-crashing sound that everyone can recognize, Hehe!! Don’t ya love that sound? ;-) Like when you get a strike? ;-D
    I actually just saw a short bed restraints scene in the third and final part of a mini-series called
    “The Enfield Haunting”.
    But yeah we gotta hook up on yahoo messenger or something. :-D

  25. Steve says:

    Okay, well guess again on the ‘B’ word, hmm, now they candle pin bowl in England?, cause
    I sent it on the net, a girl with her girlfriend & a couple of her mates, it was mostly
    only talk, but you saw those pins & from what I saw they were arranged like 10 pins,
    it was very hard to tell there spacing in a short time, I’m in a league 10 pin bowling
    each Tuesday night starting at about 7.15pm, now the distance between the foul line & pin
    1 (the pin at the front) is 60 feet, the pins are 3.10 or 3.15 pounds, the pins are arranged
    exactly a foot apart, & the diameter of a bowling ball is 27 inches, always imperial, YUK!
    a game can have 12 strikes, 1-9 & 3 in the 10th frame, the highest I’ve gotten in league
    is 265, all strikes & 2 9”s, or 9 spares, in which I got a 9 & a spare, meaning I hit the
    last pin, & I think an 8 spare, so confusing!! also we have an Enfield as a suburb, & I
    went there for a few weeks when Bankstown bowling was done up I mean upgraded, did you
    hear the joke about 10 pin bowling? oh no spare me!!. Hehe….. laugh, why not. I’ll look
    up “The Enfield Haunting” well I’ll write some more later on,

  26. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    No No not England LOL, NEW England, here in the USA, as in the northeastern-most section of the U.S.
    Ironically I think there’s also an area down there in Aussie somewhere there along the southeast coast that’s called New England as well?
    And actually The Enfield Haunting is set in the Enfield area of North London. Based on supposedly true events way back in 1977 about a young girl and her family being haunted/possessed by a poltergeist.
    The restraints scene in the 3rd and final episode is a couple minute scene where the girl is in the hospital(a regular hospital btw) and she’s strapped to her bed in 4-point Humane restraints. The reason I think was that she was there cause she injured her thumb and they initially think she’s doing it to herself. ;-)

  27. Steve says:

    Well, not a great deal said in your latest E-mail, probably I missed it, so many,
    before I forget, I built 2 Knight Rider LED (Light Emitting Diode) scanners, if I said
    to you how they work electronically, (which is possible!) I would probably loose you,
    they got adjustable speed & LED brightness, just for something to do, these scanners
    have 16 outputs driving 16 LED’s, K.I.T.T. had 8, they hook 2 outputs up in parrallel–
    also I have it printed in a magazine which is a monthly issue ‘Silicon Chip’ an
    electronics magazine, a 32 LED KnightRider scanner, I sticky beaked the whole thing is
    based around an IC (integrated circuit) it is a picaxe IC, with 32 LED’s, 12 display
    patterns including medleys, adjustable pattern speed & LED brightness, I’ll ask about
    it when I visit a few electronic stores, & ask them to order me in one, with a coffee
    & an afternoon to kill, I can make a power supply, built the kit (I SAID KIT) box it
    & have it as a conversation piece. The ball’s in your court, why not tell me a few
    movies I can download & be happy, not very much on my side…


  28. Steve says:

    Because it was raining I couln’t contact you, the last time I used the internet when
    we had a storm mu modem stuffed up, my brother got another one to replace it with,
    wasted a day & back to normal. As I said the ball’s in your court, I would like to
    have a list of all the movies that are watchable….. I am at a loss about these


  29. Steve says:

    Well, sorry you haven’t been sending any E-mails, none arrived, your computer (what it is/
    what clockspeed) I’ve got Windows 7, operating at 2.7GHz, (gigahertz), now, a great big
    message, I’ve gotten onto the website ‘’, all depending on what
    you’ve got as an addition, this website is worth a coffee or two, cause for the last week,
    I’ve been on it, & watch the ???? gifs…… I’ll have my coffe with milk & one please.

  30. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Ahh hey there Steve sooo sorry I haven’t actually sent you an email even though I meant to so no you haven’t missed any emails. ;-)
    So Steve I think I asked you this before but why is it that when it rains you say you can’t be online?? Are you guys living in the great outdoors or something? Very Curious. ;-)
    Yeah about KITT’s flashing red light front yeah I think I did see that a few peeps have in fact re-created that very focal-point-of-KITT feature when they’ve decked out their classic black Firebirds to imitate KITT. I’m sure it’s prob not overly hard to do if you’re really good with electronics, heck could prob do that on almost any ol’ car’s front if you wanted to show everyone you’re a Knight Rider fan. ;-)
    Oh and as for the :-DDDDDD I mean I’m not entirely sure if it has an official definition and it’s actually here on GA that I first saw it in Emma’s vid no less but I mean I’m guessing it’s maybe just supposed to be a smiley :-D like multiple times over something like that lol.
    And ok yeah I still have to try and think of more medical restraint scenes. Btw are there many that you’ve scene on youtube? Cause I know I could list a bunch on there that aren’t really part of any mainstream movie or tv show but are nonetheless there for the enjoyment of peeps like us, as well as just some other pay sites like GA that have done some scenes like that. Unfortunately there seem to be wayyyy to few bondage producers who have gotten the idea that those types of restraints, especially the Humane/Posey types, are hot and they’re still too married to yawn-worthy stuff like ropes and chains and duct tape and straps that are made specifically for the fetish genre and other boring stuff etc. right guys? lol *eye roll* ;-P ;-)
    Maybe we could start a movement or something to get them more aware hehehe. ;-D

  31. Steve says:

    As you mentioned a scanner like that has a visual effect, a thing to look at & no more.
    I built 2 of them in kit (I SAID KIT) form with 16 LED’s. (2 in LED’s in parallel), on
    my shelf, collecting dust (LOL!) still I wonder why KITT had 8 lights in scanner mode,
    probably 8 is the number of bits in a byte (computer terminology), I mentioned before,
    some years ago, it was raining in the next suburb & when I went on the internet, it took
    a number of minutes, & I had a modem board to replace, good thing my brother had one, he
    was a teacher at Ourimbah Tafe, I said to you I saw the Hoff wearing a T-shirt, I laughed,
    it said ‘DON’T HASSEL THE HOFF!’ old hat, (yawn as you said) now all this aside, there are
    a few things you ave to know about me, put the beers in the fridge for sec., I have the
    ability to bend my little finger back, (left hand) all the way, which looks so odd!!,
    where did this come from? dunno, every time I am at the local shopping centre, girls sitting on the corner, I always bend it back!, at one time a school girl looked at it,
    said ‘Oh my God!’ I said ‘Do you have one?’ highly illogical, getting back to the show
    Knight Rider, any more new videos of it & of the Hoff! I would like to see, any more
    you have to recommend? (My little finger is I think a talking point!) your thoughts?,

  32. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh yeah Steve no I knew all along the little red lights weren’t any kinda real scanner of course, like all the other cool stuff inside KITT, just an elaborate light and button and sound display. Ahhh but still *dreaming* hehe. ;-P To have your car be like a real life friend and companion when you’re behind the wheel. :-D And as for the Hoff no I didn’t have anything else off the top of my head it’s not like I’ve been a rabid Hoff fan over the years or anything lol, I mentioned that commercial more just because it had been running on TV for months and it seemed like his latest gig.

    But anyway on here we should be talking more about medical restraints and asylums and stuff like that right? ;-) So do you know anything about what today’s psych wards are like down under? ;-D

  33. Steve says:

    I dunno if you received my latest e-mail, it was sent, but anyway, from memory, I said to you
    that the voice of K.I.T.T. is a guy called William Daniels, he palys a Dr. in the show St. Elsewhere, elsewhere? where?…. ah you asked about on the last sentence, if I know anything about what today’s psych wards are like down under?, I must say that is a branch I have never ever been on, I’m treading with caution, maybe if you had a few videos on it, I mean for you
    to inform me of a few shows from medical restraints and mental asylums (girls I like!) you know, when I was wearing a younger mans clothes, I can remember what I’ve seen on TV not the
    name of the show!, if you’ve got a load, probably copy them & pass ’em on, cause I have not
    a great deal to choose from


  34. Steve says:

    Jeez, found you, I’ve got a few websites to visit, this is the 23rd, for some 2 days before
    X-mas, time for a joke, this guy looks so ugly that he goes for a total face re-construction, he enters the building sees the receptionist & books himself in. He says to the guy, I want a totally different & new face, Okay, so he gets put under. Half the day goes by, he awakes, says can I have a mirror? mirror gotten, he looks at himself & says Jeez, I don’t recognize myself, I look neat, handsome, feeling happy with himself, he exits the building, as he stretches he thinks almost lunch time, ah hamburger joint across the road, when he crosses the road, a big semi hits him. He awakes dead in Heaven, Knock knock on Jesus’s door, Yes my son, what is it?
    Yo Jesus, I would like a few words with you, as he explains what happened to him, he says,
    ‘So Jesus, why on Earth did you allow this to happen to me??’, Jesus says, I’m sorry mate,
    I didn’t recognize you!!’

    More info & laughs coming!

    Merry X-mas, have a Happy New Year!!

  35. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Oh hey there Steve sorry in case you might’ve thought I’d forgotten you. ;-)
    Yeah I did get the email you mentioned quite a while back.
    So everyone have an ok Xmas around here?
    And that’s right Steve down there in Aussie you guys hit the new year hours before most of the rest of us. ;-D

  36. Steve says:

    You know, it’s 11.06pm on the 31/12/15, counting down, I’ve had 2 long necks (big bottles) of
    Extra dry, the third & fourth one would be appreciated, once I had the third, the clutch is
    depressed & changing of gears occuring. I can think much better & write with better results.
    Ho hum, thinking mode selected, thinking… thinking… thinking… with not enough results,
    well I hope better reults on the other side, cause my mind is on so many websites at this
    time, Merry X-mas, have a Happy New Year!

  37. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    Yes Happy New Year Everyone!!

    Yeah and it’s kinda wild ain’t it Steve, that you’re now well into the new year(just look at the time stamp on this post), as well you guys over in Holland are there as well, and over here where I am we’re still in 2015! LOL. Yep that’s right I still got 70 mins. left of the old year, and in other parts of the country peeps still have 2, 3, and 4+ hours to go. ;-)

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