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2 Responses

  1. Kevin H says:

    I think both models belong in thick disposable white diapers with their straitjackets. That would be super hot like some other posters were saying, and like the Segufix video. I wonder how they would feel with all that lovely padding pressing up against their crotches? Diapers would remind them of their state of helplessness and perhaps they would even be turned on wearing them. Diapers are used in real insane asylums and I see no reason not to diaper the models on Girl Asylum. The diapers must be worn snugly and thick to prevent leaks; sometimes they may be left for up to 12 hours in the same diaper. Multiple diapers are warranted for use in the asylum and on these beautiful women.

  2. medicalrestraintsfan says:

    @Kevin H: Hey Kevin totally agree with what you say above. And I like that you prefer the kinky disposable diapers vs. the borrrrring cloth reusables and safety pins that some DLs unfortunately seem to prefer lol. hehe! ;-P :-)
    Btw Kevin I know it probably seems to some like I’m sounding like a broken record it’s just I’m surprised no one’s showed any interest considering how closely aligned in some interests I am with you and Thorgrimm and Adam and Emma and the admin etc, but are you interested at all in some kinda live chat? :-D

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