Aysa’s amazing armbinder escape (must see video)

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2 Responses

  1. KaiBinds says:

    The red armbinder seems a loose fit. So I kept wondering when one lady will really try to escape. One year ago Sabine was pretty close but she probably did not realize how close she actually was. Now Aysa finally did the job in a completely imperturbable manner. Great job! And so cute how she neatly puts the binder to the floor. And I am wondering if she would try more challenging bondage…

  2. helmut says:

    hallo ich möchte mal fragen ob ich dich auch mal privat kennen zu lerne darff liebe aysaund wie wer das denn wenn du meine gefangen sein möchtes ja und bringe diese sachen bitte mit dann verdienst du dich was ja

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