Giovanna in straitpants and waist chain (plus video)

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5 Responses

  1. BDSM Master says:

    Where do I get those pants I just love them

  2. jeff says:

    plz put the straight pants and jacket on somebody and leave them in the padded cell

  3. Sam says:

    plz do what jeff asked.

  4. John P says:

    Please use the waistchain and cuffs often, also is there any chance you could include diapers in your sets ?

  5. thorgrimm says:

    Yes, i agree, a girl struggling tied on a bed in segufix, wearing (and using) a diaper would be great!
    A diaper in combination with the straitjacket used in set 313 (the one with the tight neckline and the double crotch straps) could be cool too :)

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