Q: Where the [censored] is the member section?
A: There is no member section anymore, members can download updates directly from the update page!

Q: Why do some sets only have pictures and no video?
A: Aah… back in the early days we didn’t shoot video yet (or sporadically). Almost all of our latest updates have HD video though. If the title of the update does not say ‘(plus video)’, then there is no video clip to go with the picture set.

Q: I used the Paypal shopping cart to buy some pictures / clips, now what?
A: You will receive your download details immediately at your Paypal email address. Follow the instructions in the email to download your purchased items. If you did not receive an email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder, or contact us for assistance.

Q: I paid for a 30-day membership through Paypal, now what?
A: We process the Paypal signups manually at the moment, we will send you your login details within 24 hours on most occassions (but often within a few hours of signing up). Please have some patience or use CCBill if you want immediate access.

Q: I have not received my login details, even after waiting for as long as I could.
A: Please make sure our email did not end up in your spam folder (add webmaster@girlasylum.com to your verified senders list). If you can’t find anything, don’t hesitate to email us!

Q: Where do you find all these girls that model for you? Do they like it?
A: We have great fun during these shoots, girls love to get a little insane!

Q: Can I be a model?
A: Yes! We will even pay you for it! If you are female, 18 years or over, and you would like to model for our website, please send a few recent pictures of yourself to webmaster@girlasylum.com. Please keep in mind we are based in the Netherlands, so you might have to travel far.

Q: No way, will I really get access to EVERYTHING when I join?
A: Yes. That’s over 500 updates totalling over 85GB of pictures and videos!

Q: But how can you host all this? What about bandwidth?
A: Will you stop asking questions and just enjoy our website :)

The Girl Asylum is updated every Saturday!
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