Sam Lee – strapped to the hospital bed (plus video)

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2 Responses to “Sam Lee – strapped to the hospital bed (plus video)”

  1. medicalrestraintsfan Says:

    Hey this was a pretty nice one, ;-) due particularly to the struggling in the later parts of the vid.

    I say and have been saying for a while DEFINITELY make struggling a more regular part of the segubed vids!! ;-D Cause while just lying there certainly makes for a nice pic it’s far better to see desperate struggling, hehehe, ;-P complete with those creaking sounds of both the bed and the awesome hospital mattress!! ;-) And even struggling looks great in a still pic! :-D

  2. medicalrestraintsfan Says:

    Oh and another thought I wanted to toss at you Dr. Admin., and this is another idea for making the bed appear in more of the vids since I noticed it appearing a few times in some of this site’s sister bondage-type sites I guess you would call them? And I think if I remember correctly you’ve already done one or two of these on this site as well.
    But in terms of the other types of vids like the straitjackets and such, why not make the bed the setting for some of those too, as in having the jacketed girls sitting on and struggling around on the bed on the awesome mattress!! ;-D That would mean more visual of the bed in more vids as well as more of those sounds I mention above! :-D
    How’s that sound? ;-)

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